Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Community pride is something that is needed across the length and breadth of The Bahamas. The issue of waste disposal and management is a key environmental problem in many communities, a number of which have been identified as potential points of interest; however, our initial focus was to target areas of historic significance and with strong community pride. One such site was identified on the Western district on the Island of New Providence called Gambier. Gambier is one of many freed slave villages where descendants of the Black Seminoles are still intact. It is of great benefit to the country to restore and maintain the aesthetic appeal and sustainable character of the entire community of Gambier that is rich in ancestral pride and in fact is a well-known and visited historic site by visitors around the world. This community is very closely knit, isolated from the city and well loved by its residents and although the problem of waste and litter is not in any way alarming where most residents reside, it is imperative that emphasis be placed on those areas where clearly, there are some waste management issues of concern. To address this problem, we sought to involve residents, in particular, school children in beautification initiatives and the development of waste management protocols to enhance the aesthetic appeal and attraction of the Gambier community not only for the benefit of its residents but for those who pass through the area from time to time. By utilizing the younger residents, we hope to develop a new generation of environmental stewards who will stimulate, through their involvement, the participation of the older residents like their parents, various community leaders and residents in general in embracing The Gambier Community Pride Project that will continue to build upon community camaraderie and the overall growth, development and sustainability in general. The focal area of this project is Capacity Development. Upon completion of this project we hope to enhance the facilities available to address waste management and the implementation of the recycling thereof through the construction of composting sites at the primary school, community centre (or park) and backyard systems at residents homes. This initiative will not only reduce the waste that is destined for the city dump, but will also provide a viable means of soil production through the composting of biodegradable, organic material (compost) that can be reused. In addition, we hope to develop a community orchid and vegetable garden centre for residents using the compost material produced, the latter of which can also be sold and the proceeds used to maintain the various project sites in the community.
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Our Reference Number
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