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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
During the Soviet times, melioration destroyed all swamps and all natural water pools in the surroundings of Traupis. Due to this to which a former big biological diversity diminished. There are two open pits on both sides of the town. The one in the Eastern part of the town is partly re-cultivated. Currently, it is the only spawning place of Fire-bellied toads (Bombina bombina), Natterjacks (Bufo calamita) and very rare species for Lithuania Green toads (Bufo viridis). However conditions for these rare amphibians are quite poor. The only Botanical Garden in the Baltic States was started in 1989. More than 4900 sorts, forms and species of plants grow there. Perennial flower species, an alpinarium, a pool with decorative plants are next to the school. The botanical garden is divided into several sections: systematic collection of wild plants (800 species), medicinal herbs (300 kinds), a collection of bulbous plant (1000 kinds and sorts), special attention is paid to Allium, Crocus collection (100 kinds), a collection of fruit and berry plants with 100 rare species The project aims to protect biodiversity by restoring degraded lands and improve conditions for the ecological education in the area of Botanical Garden. The main objective of the project is to increase population of the rear amphibians. Therefore the current open pit should be deepened, new shallow water pools that are suitable for spawning of amphibians will be excavated, and wintering places for amphibians will be constructed. A grid taken out during deepening of the open pit will be used for reconstruction of the poor local roads of Traupis surroundings and development of Traupis botanical garden (paths, rock-garden). At the same time ecological education of local people will be carried out: booklets will be published and distributed, an educational ecological pathway will be set, articles will be published in various publications. Moreover, a park would be planted around the water pool (a spawning place of the rare amphibias) in the place of a former open pit. This would become a recreational place for Traupis inhabitants. The project complies with the main goal of the Anyksiai region, i.e. development of the region as a tourism centre, since by establishing another ecological tourism centre in the town, the Lithuanian and Swedish tourism companies will include Traupis into their ecological tourism routes. The new object - a bathing place for local inhabitants and tourists will stimulate ecological tourism in the region. This would encourage growth of sales of local businessmen (production and agriculture). The project will be implemented together with Traupis community of Anyksciai region and local association of Young Women-Young Men Christian Association (YWCA-YMCA) of Traupis. Partners of the project: Traupis main school with ecological profile, Municipality of Anyksciai, Traupis Elderly, Fellowship of Protection of Biological Variety (EKOGIDAS), State Forest Enterprise of Anyksiai. Swedish Ministry of Environment (Haiten Person) and YWCA-YMCA of Skane Blekinge Region (South Sweden).
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Our Reference Number
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