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Project Category
Energy research
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Project Description
Launched in 2010, the Energy Smart Community Initiative (ESCI) has contributed greatly to the advancement of green growth, sustainable development, long-term job creation and APEC`s goal of energy intensity reduction of at least 45 percent by 2035 with 2005 as the reference. As the information hub of ESCI network, the Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) has helped disseminate and share best practices of ESCI`s areas of focus in a systematic manner. Following the success of 2013 Annual ESCI Best Practices Awards Program, the ESCI-KSP management team, with the support from APEC member economies, will host the 2015 Annual ESCI Best Practices Awards Program, in order to continue the momentum of regional efforts in developing new methods, technologies and applications. The ESCI management team has broken down the criteria adopted for former ESCI Best Practices Awards Program to particularly highlight merits in policy-making, strategy formation and implementation processes. To encourage constant updates on the progress of various projects on the ESCI-KSP website, those which participated in former ESCI Best Practices Awards Program are welcome to take part in this year`s program with renewed contents on the website. I) Eligibility The Awards will be open to both the public and private sectors who have submitted cases on the ESCI-KSP website ( New cases submitted after 14 July 2013 either being proposed or current undertaken are eligible. Cases which were submitted before 14 July 2013 are eligible if they are renewed with new scopes, progress, achievement, and etc. after 14 July 2013. All cases must be submitted electronically via ESCI-KSP by 31 July 2015. II) Criteria The Awards will be made in four main pillarsSmart Transport, Smart Buildings, Smart Grids, Smart Jobs and Consumers, and one cross-cutting examples of Low Carbon Model Towns of ESCI. Judging will consider the cases` articulation of and compatibility with its goals, its implementation and outcomes. The criteria are: A) Strategy (30%): Innovativeness (10%), Inspiration (10%), Clearness (10%) B) Measure (40%): Practicability (10%), Replicability (10%), Cost-effectiveness (10%), Consistency (10%) C) Performance (30%): Completeness (10%), Verifiability (10%), Impact (10%) III) Procedure A) Qualifying Round: Jury will evaluate the cases and select 3 cases from the contestant pool for each category. That will proceed to the next phase. B) Final Round: Each qualifying case will be requested to submit a self-assessment statement outlining the cases` goal, implementing strategies and performance or outcomes. The Jury then evaluates them and select winners of each category. IV) Timetable 17 Nov 2014: Competition Announcement 10 Apr 2015: Release Administrative Circular/Call for nominations of Juries 30 May 2015: Jury Committee Established 31 Jul 2015: Cases Submission Deadline 31 Aug 2015: Qualifier Announcement 20 Sep 2015: Self-assessment Statement Submission 20 Oct 2015: Winner Announcement Nov 2015: Award Ceremony and Presentation V) Jury The Annual ESCI Best Practices Award jury will be organized and chaired by ESCI-KSP management team. It will have no less than 7 members. APEC member economies are invited to nominate candidates for the jury for the Award. The Jury Committee will be established by 30 May 2015. VI) Award Ceremony and Presentation Winners from each category will receive an Award certificate and trophy issued by APEC EWG to honor their achievement and will be invited to present their cases at the Awards ceremony associated with the 50th meeting of APEC EWG.
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