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Project Description
PPROJECT DEVELOPMENT GOAL: Recognizing functions of mangrove ecosystem at early stage as one of the mitigation and adaptation efforts to face climate change and to participate in recovering its mangrove ecosystem s function. PROJECT OBJECTIVES: 1. Four community groups acting as mangrove ecosystem managers are able to become facilitator of learning by studying program held in order to build knowledge and public participations 2. Nine education communities in nine coastal villages (at three most outer islands) obtain learning by studying process and assisted regularly by the facilitator to increase knowledge on mitigation and adaptation efforts to face climate change and to increase their participation (such as by planting seeds in the school garden, planting, and conserving coastal area) 3. Four groups acting as mangrove ecosystem managers are developing trial for alternative livelihood among their management area. The objects will be determined based on group meeting and it will be adjusted with potency owned by each area and capacity of the group. 4. Publishing trial report and documentation of any emerging progress and distribute it to education communities in coastal villages of Riau province EXPECTED OUTPUT: 1. The community group continue learning by studying process towards the children nearby the area 2. Existing light discussion topic among the communities regarding the participation in mitigation and adaptation efforts to face the climate change 3. Community groups will be getting used to in trial process to develop alternative livelihood for them. Series of alternative livelihoods will be identified and developed. 4. The community will be proud of their participation in the mitigation and adaptation efforts to face climate change 5. Existing progress of activities to be distributed among the surrounding education communities in the form of CD and book. ACTIVITIES TO BE CONDUCTED: I. Group Consolidation 1. Inviting four groups to the seeding house for further discussion on program plan and collaboration to implement the program in the selected islands. 2. Each of the group will prepare three candidates facilitators to join facilitator training in villages where Belukap held its activities. II. Training facilitator learning by studying 1. Ensuring the attendance of participants in the training and workshop 2. Socializing training plan to local villages officials and the communities 3. Giving training to facilitator regarding learning by studying system 4. Giving training on participatory research 5. Facilitating discussion on both success and failure stories to discover the management method 6. Training documentation and program reporting. 7. Formulating action plan and distributing roles of each groups III. Building Public Participation Performing road show with purpose to increase participations of parents, teachers, and village officials targeted in the program by raising motivation of the children to involve actively in the whole program. VI. Building system learning by studying In this stage, trained facilitator will be distributed to nine education communities spread in nine coastal villages in the three most outer islands. Each of the village has one education community. The learning by studying system starts by building infrastructure for cultivating particular mangrove seeds in school garden, namely seeding house. The house will be designed attractively to draw attention of many students so that they can discuss furthermore with the facilitator in the seeding house and participating in their activities. Later, the facilitator will involve students to socialize mitigation and adaptation issue by asking them to participate in planting the seeds in coastal area and take care of them. V. Research on utilizing mangrove Four mangrove manager groups will be granted small research fund to make the most use of their management area by having alternative livelihoods. They have to report any progress as local knowledge, both success or failure stories. Options of alternative livelihood for the research activities are: 1. Cultivating Land Fruit (bivalve) and marketing 2. Cultivating pumpun (mangrove worms for bait) and marketing test 3. Cultivating honey bees and marketing test 4. Cultivating mangrove crabs and marketing test 5. Catching fish by using empang (traditional catching tool for mangrove area) & marketing test 6. Cultivating siput and marketing test VI. Seed stocking in management area Four mangrove managers will be given capital to plant and take care of mangrove seeds in coastal area by applying method that usually works for them, and by applying any innovative tips based on experiences gained during the workshop and training. VII. Distributing experiences to other parties Ensuring the publication of every report and documentation on each activity by facilitator and mangrove manager groups. Database of all the reports and documentation will be compiled in a book or CD that later distributed to any education institutes and other relevant institutes existed in Riau province to open another window of opportunities. PROJECT PARTICIPANTS AND/OR BENEFICIARIES: 1. LSM Laksana Samudera 2. LSM MAP 3. LSM Bahtera Melayu 4. Co-Fish project 5. LSM Akar Rumput Laut 6. Mangrove ecosystem management group 7. Education institution in coastal villages 8. Students and teachers 9. Coastal villages communities 10. Government This program will be managed by Belukap and it will build partnership with
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