Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
Project Goal and objectives. The goal of the project is "achieving climate change mitigation by reducing the green house gas emissions and improving the living conditions of communities in Rusitu Valley through the provision of clean and affordable sources of energy". The objectives of the project are: # Increased access to energy services by households through the development of central solar charging, use of solar power in the homes, solar drying of vegetables, and use of wood saving stoves in the Rusitu Valley. # Strengthened institutional capacity for the management and utilisation of renewable energy resources through training of project leadership and local institutions. Anticipated Results, Project Objectives, Out puts,Outcomes and Impact. Objective 1: # Increased access to energy services by household through the development of new and appropriate energy innovations and up-scaling on-going activities in the project areas. Outputs # New energy innovations are developed and successfully adopted by communities. Reduced consumption of fuel wood due to the use of wood saving stoves.# Increased reliance on solar power# Reduced reliance on fossil paraffin as households rely on solar for lighting.# Reduced incidents of respiratory problems among women. # Better lighting from solar power. Outcomes# Reduced emission of green house gases. # Increased access to clean and cheaper forms of energy for lighting, cooking and heating in the homes. Objective 2. Strengthened institutional capacity for the management and utilisation of solar battery chargers, solar dryers and wood saving stoves. Outputs# Strengthened technical and local coordination of the communities through the setting up of community trusts. # Communities participate effectively in decision making. # Increased governance in accessing renewable energy resources. Outcomes# Community driven development. IMPACT# Woodland ecosystems recover, thus increasing the carbon sink that mitigates climate change.# Improved livelihoods of households living in the Risitu Valley. PROPOSED ACTIVITIES. # Capacity building of community trusts, registration of the Trusts, and training of the Trustees. # Up-scaling the central Solar Battery Charge Center at Muchadziya clinic. # providing solar lights in the homes. # promoting the solar drying of fruits and vegetables. # promoting the construction and use of wood saving stoves. and # project management, reporting, documentation, monitoring and evaluation.
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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