Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
Project objective is to improve living conditions for globally endangered bats species, propagate ideas of their protection for society by developing eco-tourism, disseminating acquired experience, strengthen cooperation with different interest groups: local authority, managers of protected areas, scientists, non-governmental institutions of national level, youth and other stakeholders. There was a military base in the middle of Plokstine forest (now there is the territory of Zemaitija national park), Plunge district in Soviet times. The base occupied 12 ha and 20 premises are left in this territory. Some of premises are arranged for tourists accommodation (3 habitable blocks), cafeteria, sport hall, and military museum, and some of the premises are not used, as part of buildings is underground. During the project these premises will be adapted for bats breeding and wintering: there will be arranged a ventilation system in 3 basements, doors will be made, premises will be insulated from cold, grilles for flying in will be arranged, as well as racks for bats. 100 small wooden boxes will be made for bats. For dissemination of environmental ideas an information center will be built, some stands and car parking site will be constructed, cognitive natural path of 3 km will be arranged, 2 colored publications will be prepared and published. For stimulating the use of applied researches in concrete environmental activity, attract to it representatives of non-governmental organizations and volunteers, scientists, stimulate the cooperation with different interest groups, local authority, managements of protected territories, scientists, non-governmental institutions of national level, youth and other society groups it is planned to organize 3 days training camp and 2 days seminar. Local people will be invited to participate in preparing the cognitive path, cleaning neglected premises that will be applied for bats living and wintering. Community members that are interested in bats will have a possibility to participate in 2 days length summer training camp-seminar that will be accessible to many groups of stakeholders.
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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