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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The Association of Friends Chirrip Ecol logic is a non-profit Association with identification card jur dica three - zero zero 2-231703 . This Association was established in the year 1998 in order to help address the needs of information and b SICAS stico log required by visitors to the top of the National Park Chirrip support. These needs include: blankets , sleeping bags , gas cookers , gas cylinders and others. This because the state for their condition may not provide these services combined with local difficulty in obtaining these services. ASEACHI was born and developed as a nonprofit organization , capturing her thoughts and concerns of officials , friends and relatives to the management of Chirrip n National Park. The organization seeks not only to generate resources to partially achieve sustainable econ mica Park , but also n response to a series of demands for the thousands of visitors to the protected area . The main objectives of the Association are: to ensure that all econ nomic resources generated are reinvested in the management of the park itself n ; contribute to the satisfaction ny good performance or professional technician t and those human control officers , protection and administration of the Park n ; n encourage participation of neighboring communities and organized groups in the development and execution of their projects as the Association of Carriers, and Carriers as Gu , whereby direct and indirect benefits generated for the residents of the communities of San Gerardo , Herradura , Canaan among others. The park has a natural resource of recognized relevance at the national, regional and even the global FIELDS , an organized community actively involved in efforts to protect and conserve the infrastructure. Also, a productive activity that plays a role in the psycho b n dinamizaci the local economy , creating friendly environment with productive options such as ecotourism. The location of the park in a privileged position with respect to the generation n ny visitaci income compared with other protected wilderness areas in Costa Rica , makes it particularly attractive for project coexecution Conservation and development through alliances strat Zone . This proposal seeks to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity , the maintenance of ecosystem functions and dinamizaci n the local economy by strengthening the comprehensive and responsible development tur Forecast of PN Ch and organized community. The disminuci n the existing ambient guitar - pressure tur n on the high side , improved access and visitor services , strengthening the formation of n members of the Association and n promotion of natural and cultural attractions tur appliances and community and institutional organization , being part of the goods to be achieved . General Project Objective: To contribute to the conservation of biodiversity , the maintenance of ecosystem functions and dinamizaci n the local economy by strengthening the comprehensive and responsible development tur Forecast of PN Ch and organized community. Project Objectives GRAPHICS specs : 1. Decrease the pressure existing environmental acoustic tur -n in the upper PNCh through n remodeling , equipment and preventive maintenance of the Hostel of Llano Bonito, and institutional - community alternative to improve distribution . tur n load guitar park and strengthening the local economy . Two . Improve visitor access Plain Bonito, by maintaining the existing trail construction and design o n of an interpreted trail sounds of nature in Llano Bonito. Three . Strengthen Carriers Association , Gu as porters and San Gerardo de Rivas through support for activities to guide and porter sector pretty plain. April . Promote the natural and cultural tourist attractions and community and institutional organization appliances . May . Existing n Decrease the pressure inside and outside by Alcacer to , logging and forest fires, a trav s no strengthening of the creation of a group to support COVIRENAS MANAGEMENT n park area.
Costa rica
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Our Reference Number
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