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Project Category
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Project Description
The destruction of our forest reserves caused by the on-going use of wood from trees as sources of energy and for the construction of rural and eco-tourism housing and furniture in Jamaica. The project proposes instead the use of bamboo which is much more renewable, hardier and as flexible as wood and which is found in large amounts in rural Jamaica. While it takes several decades for a hardwood tree to grow back, bamboo, if properly cut is renewed in less than a year. Although there are regulations governing the cutting of trees, enforcement is a problem and unless poor rural villagers are presented with an acceptable alternative, the problem of compromising forest cover for housing and furniture will continue. The problem has existed for several decades and has got worse over time. The Forestry Department has noted that Forest cover and related deforestation data published in reputable international forest assessment documents during the past decade have characterised the island of Jamaica as having one of the world s highest rates of deforestation. The estimates of annual deforestation rates range from between 0.03 to 6.7% (OB Evelyn et al.). This last figure was the result of a study published by FAO in 1998. A decade earlier, FAO had used a figure of a 3% annual rate of deforestation. The overall objective is to reduce the degradation of our forests and promote the greater utilization of renewable, eco-friendly material for buildings and for fuel. Specifically, this project is expected to achieve the following: Reduced building costs and create cooler residential buildings, thus reducing the need for expensive-to-run air conditioners; Increased awareness on eco-friendly structures for housing and the hospitality industry, especially in rural environments Builders, including women, trained in the use of eco-friendly bamboo for construction and for whom this could be another livelihood activity. Well-trained community members of both genders acquiring the technology for making bamboo charcoal instead of wood charcoal Over time, the development of community businesses around communities with large sources of bamboo as they provide treated bamboo for downstream housing activities These are in keeping with goals 3 ((Jamaica has a prosperous economy) and 4 (Jamaica has a healthy environment) of Jamaica s National Strategy Vision 2030. Expected Results The outputs will be: Two or three architectural and engineering designs and drawings with detailed engineering notes and how to Booklet, a Quantity Surveyor s report as well as sample construction of each of these designs available for viewing and replication. This will take place in Kingston. Once Bureau of Standards has approved the drawings, another 5 -7 structures built for eco tourism Three Architects trained and available to demonstrate the use of bamboo in construction to communities interested. Up to 15 builders, including women, from rural areas with large bamboo fields trained in the use of bamboo housing construction. The training is likely to take place in a community in St. Catherine, Clarendon or St. Ann. Several communities in Clarendon, St Catherine and Manchester equipped with the technology and equipment to efficiently make bamboo charcoal for use and sale. Established standards for bamboo charcoal and bamboo dwellings. Information on use of bamboo in construction to enhance sustainable rural development disseminated to Builders, communities and government agencies.
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Our Reference Number
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