Project Category
Project Category
Water resources policy and administrative management
Project Description
Project Description
The main goals of this newly proposed project are to encourage sustainable use of coral reef ecosystem services and goods and to increase awareness of coral reefs, and their threats with special emphasis on the impacts of habitat loss and climate change. The activities of the project will increase awareness of the mechanism, causes, and impacts of climate change on coral reefs and coastal areas by using a multimedia approach in order to reach out to all age groups. The activities will be designed to reach a variety of target groups including schools, community groups, the dive industry, and the general public countrywide. The outcomes will provide an avenue for the both visitors and locals to be actively engaged in protecting, rehabilitating and mitigating coral reef loss. They will also encourage stakeholders to take action on a personal and/or institutional level to use reduce their contribution to, or adapt to the potential impacts of climate change on coral reefs and our way of life in The Bahamas. Project objectives include: To rehabilitate coral reefs in coastal habitats by increasing the structural complexity and biodiversity through the installation of an artificial reef in western New Providence s nearshore environment to mitigate coral reef damage and or loss through: climate change, ship groundings etc. Mainstreaming the concepts of climate change through the production and dissemination of outreach and educational resources suitable for public and school-based use. Fostering the development of behaviours and strategies to minimize, adapt to or mitigate the negative impacts of coral reef habitat loss and climate change on The Bahamas marine environment, and economic activities through experiential and/or place-based learning.
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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