Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The main objective of this project is to enhance biodiversity of the natural resources of the Matokana community directly through the support toward newly established and existing community conserved areas (CCAs), principally marine areas, although terrestrial areas have also been proposed for some level of protection. The project will also integrate CC adaptation into the planned conservation initiatives through the strengthening of local capacity for food security and sustainable water storage and management. Gender aspects are integrated into all stages including; project development, management and implementation. Specific objectives to address environmental issues and climate change adaptation include: 1. To undertake marine conservation and establish marine reserves in Doi by using lessons learnt in establishing the Matokana marine reserves. Further re-introduction of Derasa tevoroa and Trochus niloticus will be undertaken for conservation and for income generation in marine reserves for climate funds and for scholarships for high school and tertiary education for the two villages. 2. To undertake island conservation to protect endangered species of lizard, bird rookeries and turtle nursery ground in Yanuya, Udui and Niuta. This will include awareness on the conservation of sea bird rookeries in Yanuya and Niuta and the need to protect seabird rookeries and a total ban on collecting eggs from both sites. In return, the development for alternative sources of eggs from chickens and other sources of protein will be developed. The removal of goats from the islands of Udui and Yanuya and a rat eradication programme will be undertaken for Udui and Yanuya islands and also for Doi. 3. To undertake climate change awareness and mainstreaming climate change adaptation actions into community conservation programme of activities through the facilitation of food security for climate change and disaster risk management by identifying famine foods and how to identify areas to plant these famine foods as a sanctuary ; as well the replanting of nut and trees for long term food security and for income generation, this will include replanting coconut trees and developing virgin coconut oil and also re-planting chestnut trees, mango trees, breadfruit trees and introducing breadfruit trees that are not seasonal and can bear fruit every month to sustain food security in isolated island communities where there is inaccessibility to imported foodstuff such as rice and flour. 4. To support the development of the two villages in developing their village development plan to fit into the Ono district development plan and to strengthen existing alternative sources of income
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Our Reference Number
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