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Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
The proposed project expose out below is about seven core activities : a ) strengthening conservation around ny sustainable use of community forests , b ) the accounting and administrative strengthening organizations , c ) the enablement four centers information n , d ) implementation- n of a volunteer program tur stico environmentally conscious , e) five types of maps that reflect the situation n n n forest in the Region North Hutar along with a document valoraci n biol logic and organizational level communities and , f ) a document on the service offering of the venues tur appliances communities ASCOMAFOR affiliated groups . All these actions fall within the area of influence of the four ASCOMAFOR organizations that participated in the elaboration of the proposal n ; however, the benefits pass n in all organizations that make ASCOMAFOR . In this way we hope to position ourselves as leaders in the l organizational and environmental field, primarily to achieve output s establish a network of peasant organizations working and assume with responsibility agenda econ mica and environmental communities and regi n , through trainings, workshops , involvement in work of investigation, in setting pr Practice program volunteer tur stico environmentally conscious and the enablement four information centers n , with computer equipment and purposes did cticos for population n location as hese are conceived as a tool, first hand to develop courses computation n to keep nva communication internet for reports and forestry research , biol Zone social, for reports of work organizations and even for recording and monitoring of performance and progress that the project is acquiring , sec n the schedule of activities . The project will be executed by the Association for the Conservation ny n Management of Forest Areas of San Carlos ( ASCOMAFOR ) , with the support of the Association of Ecologists n Communities La Ceiba ( COECOCEIBA -Amigos (as) of the Earth Costa Rica). ASCOMAFOR , was founded in 1998 by four local grassroots organizations , all interested in protecting and preserving the forest areas of rural settlements , highly threatened by hunters and being invaded and cleared . Although it has initiated a process by which local organizations have begun to give protection to sustainable use ny forested areas , this process is young and needs strengthening . Currently there are seven FOs that make ASCOMAFOR , is adem s peasant organizations have been trained as COVIRENAS . For its part, the Association n Friends Communities Ecologists La Ceiba (as) of the Earth Costa Rica ( COECOCEIBA -AT ) is a nongovernmental organization n , nonprofit , founded in April 1999. Est composed of members from various social sectors ( acad monkeys , professionals, environmentalists and farmers) . Its staff has more than fifteen years experience in the design oy n execution of sustainable development projects , campaigns and struggles as environmentalists and advocacy for legal and politico level . He is an active member of the Federation of the Costa Rican for n Environmental Conservation ( FECON ) and the Federation of the Friends of the Earth International ( FoEI ) . Finally this project serve to maintain and strengthen the strategic alliance between ASCOMAFOR logic developed and COECOCEIBA -AT . Throughout the eight years of ASCOMAFOR founded , its inter s management has been an agenda whose themes are the peasantry , forest management , the protection of the environment n and hence sustainable development. He has worked together , establishing alliances strat Zone with organizations such as : Biol logical Corridor San Juan La Selva , COECOCEIBA -AT, IUCN , Mesa Nacional Campesina , MAOCO ACICAFOC ; it should be point out that with the Union of Communities in restoration n Ecol logic , Social and Econ mica (Uni - CRESE ) was generated proposal called sustainable family agriculture for our sons and daughters ; between both private companies and ISV ECOTEACH we are linked to educational tourism and volunteerism. On development and project experience each organizations ASCOMAFOR have implemented many and varied projects , as was the case of Project Dutch Embassy , called : Conservation ny Reforestaci n Pital - Cure ay reforestaci n h habitat green Macaw (Ara ambigua) . To date, he has worked on issues of protection ny sustainable use of community forests ; n Sustainable production and trade; n restoration of forested areas in farmers fields and in degraded areas ; tourism education 24 hours a peasant family ; n education and environmental management ; a sustainable livestock ; to food sovereignty ; creation nurseries ny strengthening native trees , ornamental and medicinal species and learning English language. Meanwhile COECOCEIBA -AT has maintained a rich historical relationship of collaboration ny n ASCOMAFOR support . Together they have developed several activities to strengthen the community MANAGEMENT n forest ; n also have run programs demarcation and delimitation of any forest areas , TRAINING n on n forest restoration , reflection workshops around n ny use conservation of community forests , workshops n gu TRAINING ecotur as appliances, studies IDENTIFICATION n biol meteorological and wealth of biol logic of community forests and lately TRAINING program with n j YOUNG on knowledge and use of diversity flower guitar community forests ; should be noted that some of these activities have been framed within projects supporte
Costa rica
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