Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
The proposed project will build on work of the BNCAC over the past 11 years and will focus on the threats of pollution, invasive species and habitat destruction. The primary focal area of the project will be Land Degradation and Sustainable Forest Management. The project focuses on restoring coastal land areas that have been degraded by solid waste pollution and colonization by invasive alien species (IAS). The Harbour Island and the Orange Hill communities will be involved in the project so that they can learn the skills for sustainable land and mangrove forest management practices. The secondary focal areas of the project will be as follows: Biodiversity Conservation Coastal areas, including beaches, mangrove forests, rocky shoreline and tidal pools and flats, represent significant ecosystems for Bahamian biodiversity. Significant animal species for The Bahamas that utilize these ecosystems include Queen conch (a CITES-listed species), Nassau grouper, snappers, numerous fish and bird species. The project seeks to conserve coastal areas and thus the ecosystems and species that are an integral part of them. International Waters Through the recycling component of the project, land-based pollution will be avoided by the Harbour Island community. Chemicals (POPs) The project s recycling initiative will seek to prevent the burning of solid waste on Harbour Island which has been challenged with managing its solid waste. Capacity Development The Harbour Island community will be introduced to new technologies for recycling of waste and trained in recycling methods, and coastal restoration and management. Project objectives include: Developing a pilot recycling initiative in Harbour Island, Eleuthera; Building the capacity of persons in the Harbour Island community to practice waste reduction and recycling; Increasing public awareness of recycling as a means of waste reduction on the island of Eleuthera; Implementing a coastal restoration project in Harbour Island; Promoting native plant biodiversity conservation by reducing the quantity of invasive alien species (IAS) in coastal areas and by planting of native coastal species in the same areas of IAS removal on New Providence; and Building the capacity of Local Government officials in Harbour Island to effectively communicate ideas related to sustainable land management, biodiversity conservation, marine pollution and hazards of burning solid waste.
Our Reference Number
Our Reference Number
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