Project Category
Project Category
Project Description
Project Description
This project focuses on the oasis Bouchemma , dl gation Gab s West Governorate Gab s that s extends over 143 hectares , owned 400 properties tions and divided into 858 plots ( total area irrigated e : 143 ha cultivated area in e fruit tree : 132ha , Culture mara ch re: 35ha , Culture forage re: 30ha , industrial Culture: 29ha ) The oasis is Bouchemma cl bre by tagement its cultures, with its palm trees under which the tree is d e velopp and ground crops forage resources (alfalfa ) , industrial ( henna ) and mara hp res ( chili , salads, carrot) are maintained and are practiced by farmers. Some forms of abuse and not m of methodical oasis over the last res ann es tl have initiated the failure of biological, ecological imbalances and social character risant m me the oasis. Soils, flora and yield plots tsv larly affect s . Salinization mainly due to poor maintenance of drains, the invasion of many plots by weeds dl abandoned plots and massacres of Laissement and palms to harvest the legmi r ( palm juice ) are the main signs of gradation of the oasis. S add these gradations of those gnr are the impacts of chemical industrial complex of waste and municipal solid and urbanization . The oasis of rest Bouchemma confront my e many problems including: - the depletion of soil - the abondons plots - poor management of available water - the pressure exercised on an urban oasis by - the failure in the safety of r harvests in the oasis - the decline in revenues in the oasis - the problem land me all these problems my act to increase the gradation of the cosyst me oasis . The project focuses on pr feels the involvement of all stakeholders in the conservation of this pr cosyst me and enhancement of the natural and social components . The primary objective of the project is looking for a r reconciling population Bouchemma and its fragile environment and endangered oasis 1) Project Objectives : The project aims to: - The search for a balance between the population r Bouchemma and fragile oasis environment and endangered - R clearance by the oasis awareness and mobilizing the population and technical services concerned s- the development of the oasis by the pr conservation of soil resources and flora 2) main activity of the project s : s main activities of the project are envisaged are participatory diagnosis to map with precision pr the state of the oasis , its strengths and its limitations - awareness and mobilizing the population for r empowerment of oasis , through journ es awareness and training workshops - Support leader for the oasis r clearance and valuation of their holdings Cleaning drains awareness - the maintenance of abandoned plots es -R clearance some farmers abandoned plots are by facilitating the access s incentives set up by the Tunisian State Formulation of a Use Strategy to facilitate and ensure the supply and flow of agricultural products; Cr - ation of an observatory of the flora of the oasis Training , monitoring and technical and scientific support for young cr ation of activity gn ratrices income in the oasis (small lifting transformation products ) - Awareness rational management water
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Our Reference Number
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