Project Category
Project Category
Environmental research
Project Description
Project Description
background The project will be implemented in ward 2 , Avilla in Nyanga district. Due to climate change the area has been experiencing severe droughts. in response to droughts and the attendant economic hardships some community members in ward 2 have resorted to gold panning along the Rwenya river and its tributaries. gold panning and the expansion of the farming area close to the river has contributed towards erosion and desertification.erosion resulting in the development of gullies is exacerbated by the impact of cattle which tend to follow the same tracks as they go to the watering points particularly during the dry season.households in the ward are vulnerable to weather vents because they do not have the means to cushion themselves against droughts even though the ward has natural resources such jatropha c.l that are drought resistant and are ideal resources for economic development in dry regions. project goal communities that have been capacitated to adapt to climate change and to mange land resources sustainably in ward 2 of Nyanga district. project objectives 1. strengthening the capacity of comm unties to curb environmental degradation 2. strengthening the capacity of communities to use jatropha c.l to mitigate against climate change and to diversify livelihoods 3. developing technologies that promote efficient utilization of biofuels energy resources. project activities 1. afforestation 2. capacity building for biodiversity management 3. project awareness on jatropha c.l 4. training community members on how to use the oil press 5.manufacturing and promoting prototype lamps and stoves that use jatropha 6. promoting chingwa stoves - awareness raising on the use and importance of chingwa stoves -training project members on how to construct and use the chingwa stoves outputs 1. tree nurseries and woodlots established 2. by laws are produced and adopted 3. villagers appreciate the new techniques for manging natural resources 4. communities are ware of and express interest in the chingwa stoves 5. pilot households are capacitated to use chingwa stoves and to train other community members 6.jcl oil demonstrated as a fuel in stoves and lamps. outcomes 1. increased knowledge and comittement to plant trees and to protect the land 2. woodlots used to meet demand for wood 3. degraded woodland areas and abandoned land restored 4. increased institutional capacity to regulate use of biodiversity resources 5. grazing and woodland resources improve 6.increased incomes from selling jatropha c.l by participating households 7. viable enterprise producing oil for soap and lighting 8. new jobs are created and sources of income are diversified 9. decrease in volume of firewood used for cooking and domestic uses 10. jatropha oil used for lighting and cooking impact 1. sustainable managemnt of the environment in ward 2 2. renewable biofuel used as an alternative to fossil fuels 3. environmental and economic benefits obtained from mangemnt of jcl 4. comprehensive energy solution for household cooking and lighting in ward 2 5. deforestation is reduced and biodiversity increases
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Our Reference Number
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