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Records Found :  651  
Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
327051150806 06-Aug-2015 Belgium 0 upgrading a commercially-available fault current limiter to a more cost-effective device for enabli View Project Detail
355051150724 24-Jul-2015 Belgium 0 rewiring the streptomyces cell factory for cost-effective production of biomolecules View Project Detail
235051150720 20-Jul-2015 Belgium 0 magellan, lbc to build terminal, pipeline infrastructure on gulf coast View Project Detail
235051150624 24-Jun-2015 Belgium 0 geo-risk in central africa View Project Detail
392051150610 10-Jun-2015 Belgium 0 construction of a new railway station at brussels View Project Detail
304051150526 26-May-2015 Belgium 0 aquafin waste water treatment ix View Project Detail
327051150526 26-May-2015 Belgium 0 eib lends eur 100 million to flemish wastewater operator farys|tmvw View Project Detail
245051150521 21-May-2015 Belgium 0 new labelpack a+ project View Project Detail
241051150519 19-May-2015 Belgium 0 fostering social acceptance for wind power View Project Detail
230051150519 19-May-2015 Belgium 0 leanwind-logistic efficiencies and naval architecture for wind installations with novel development View Project Detail
221051150519 19-May-2015 Belgium 0 integrated research programme on wind energy View Project Detail
251051150519 19-May-2015 Belgium 0 modular development plan of pan-european transmission system 2050 (e-highway2050) View Project Detail
269051150519 19-May-2015 Belgium 0 innovative wind conversion systems (10-20 mw) for offshore applications View Project Detail
2005918140514 14-May-2014 Belgium Not Specified Electronic, electromechanical and electrotechnical supplies View Project Detail
2003118140513 13-May-2014 Belgium Not Specified Site preparation and clearance work View Project Detail
2014618140506 06-May-2014 Belgium Not Specified Construction work View Project Detail
2013718140506 06-May-2014 Belgium Not Specified Precipitation or evaporation surface observing apparatus View Project Detail
2005518140505 05-May-2014 Belgium Not Specified Travel agency and similar services View Project Detail
2001118140503 03-May-2014 Belgium Not Specified Medical equipments View Project Detail
2008118140430 30-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified IPA Results-oriented monitoring (ROM) system of the implementation of projects and programmes of ex View Project Detail
2005218140425 25-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified DIGIT/R2/PO/2014/052 HPS II procurement of European cloud storage services View Project Detail
2004118140425 25-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Credit granting services View Project Detail
2004818140425 25-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified ENPI Sustainable electricity for the Mediterranean View Project Detail
2005018140419 19-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Feasibility and added value of a European unemployment benefit scheme View Project Detail
2002918140418 18-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Construction work for highways, roads View Project Detail
2009018140417 17-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Transport services (excl. Waste transport) View Project Detail
2010218140417 17-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Water transport services View Project Detail
2011118140417 17-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Environmental issues consultancy services View Project Detail
2005918140416 16-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified NSI Training and tutoring for experts of the national regulatory authorities and their technical su View Project Detail
2004718140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Study on the implementation of the EAFRD support to rural tourism View Project Detail
2005118140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Study on the labelling of products from cloned animals and their offspring View Project Detail
2009018140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Retirement home construction work View Project Detail
2005018140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Synthesis ofex ante evaluations of rural development programmes 2014 2020 View Project Detail
2005318140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Pilot project Agropol: development of a European cross-border agribusiness model region View Project Detail
2005418140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Cost of and good practices for FADN data collection View Project Detail
2004918140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Preparatory action Union plant and animal genetic resources View Project Detail
2005218140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Evaluation of the EU beef labelling rules View Project Detail
2001918140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Command and control system, printing, graphics, office automation and information-processing equipm View Project Detail
2012318140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified ICI+ European and Latin American business services and innovation network (ELAN) component 1 View Project Detail
2003818140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Postal services related to newspapers and periodicals View Project Detail
2004118140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Credit granting services View Project Detail
2004418140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Digital mapping services View Project Detail
2004818140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Evaluation of Article 68 measures View Project Detail
2004518140415 15-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Aerial mapping services View Project Detail
2007218140411 11-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Evaluation of Council Regulation (EC) 953/2003 to avoid trade diversion into the European Union of View Project Detail
2006918140411 11-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Study onContribution of sport to regional development through the structural funds View Project Detail
2007018140411 11-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Study onSport qualifications acquired through sport organisations View Project Detail
2002918140411 11-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Piling View Project Detail
2005318140411 11-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Repair and maintenance services View Project Detail
2003518140411 11-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services View Project Detail
2006018140411 11-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Insurance for European volunteer service participants View Project Detail
2001718140411 11-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Supply and installation of X-ray baggage and parcel scanners (lot 1) and metal detectors (lot 2) View Project Detail
2002918140409 09-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Retirement home construction work View Project Detail
2008518140407 07-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Software package and information systems View Project Detail
2000118140403 03-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy View Project Detail
2005918140403 03-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Various services View Project Detail
2005118140403 03-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Special-purpose road passenger-transport services View Project Detail
2003518140402 02-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Various services View Project Detail
2001218140402 02-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Repair and maintenance services of firefighting equipment View Project Detail
2000418140402 02-Apr-2014 Belgium Not Specified Various supplies View Project Detail
2003418140331 31-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Motor vehicles for the transport of goods View Project Detail
2002118140329 29-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Multiple framework service contracts for the provision of services in the field of audits of extern View Project Detail
2000818140329 29-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified IfS Support to the Instrument for Stability (IfS): final evaluation of the IfS, CBRN technical expe View Project Detail
2002218140329 29-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Data collection for an assessment of the export control system review View Project Detail
2001318140328 28-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified DCI Development education and awareness-raising (DEAR) support team View Project Detail
2000318140326 26-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Replacement of an electric heating system by a gas heating system in an office building View Project Detail
2000518140326 26-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Scheduling and productivity software package View Project Detail
2000618140326 26-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Financial markets administration services View Project Detail
2000418140326 26-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Cradles, access equipment and collective protection equipment for all EESC/CoR buildings View Project Detail
2013718140325 25-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified ENPI Sustainable urban demonstration projects support mechanism View Project Detail
2014618140325 25-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Credit granting services View Project Detail
2011118140325 25-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified ENPI Eastern Partnership culture programme II View Project Detail
2003218140324 24-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Construction work View Project Detail
2000618140324 24-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Construction work View Project Detail
2000718140324 24-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Building alteration work View Project Detail
2002118140324 24-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Arts-facility operation services View Project Detail
2004418140324 24-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Notice of information for the attention of the property market multiannual forecasts for property r View Project Detail
2004118140319 19-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Track construction works View Project Detail
2013618140319 19-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Electricity distribution and related services View Project Detail
2009618140319 19-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Civil, Construction View Project Detail
2008818140319 19-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Printing, Publishing & Stationary View Project Detail
2000118140313 13-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Poultry View Project Detail
2000218140313 13-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Dairy products View Project Detail
2000518140313 13-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Printed envelopes View Project Detail
2000318140313 13-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Miscellaneous food products View Project Detail
2000418140313 13-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Photocopier paper View Project Detail
2005118140312 12-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified DCI Technical and logistical assistance for the organisation of the Policy Forum on Development (PF View Project Detail
2004718140312 12-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified DCI EU technical assistance facility for theSustainable energy for all initiative Neighbourhood (ea View Project Detail
2005818140312 12-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Miscellaneous services View Project Detail
2003818140310 10-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified All-purpose maintenance of green areas and indoor plants View Project Detail
2007618140310 10-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Maintenance of interior metal joinery and blind systems View Project Detail
2007818140308 08-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Construction work for swimming pool View Project Detail
2000118140307 07-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Electricity View Project Detail
2000018140307 07-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Natural gas View Project Detail
2001418140306 06-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Closed-circuit surveillance system View Project Detail
2004118140306 06-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Construction work for bridges and tunnels, shafts and subways View Project Detail
2001418140301 01-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Plumbing and sanitary works View Project Detail
2013318140301 01-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Financial and insurance services View Project Detail
2006618140301 01-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Construction work View Project Detail
2014818140301 01-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Administration services View Project Detail

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