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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
444051150708 08-Jul-2015 Costa Rica 0 nama support project (nsp) low-emission coffee costa rica View Project Detail
397051150703 03-Jul-2015 Costa Rica 0 zero emissions strategy View Project Detail
344051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 reaching for scale: integrating red pilots into public policy View Project Detail
348051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 support for institutionalizing technology assessment in health in costa rica View Project Detail
353051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 improving governmental implementation of main priorities View Project Detail
362051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 banco bac san jose msme financing partnership View Project Detail
365051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 border integration program of costa rica View Project Detail
333051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 sustainable management of ecosystem`s services View Project Detail
337051150530 30-May-2015 Costa Rica 0 program of renewable energy, transmission and distribution View Project Detail
2001918150411 11-Apr-2015 Costa Rica Not Specified The proposed investment (the "Project") consists of a $10 million loan to Mutual Cartago de Ahorro View Project Detail
2003918140916 17-Sep-2014 Costa Rica Not Specified The project consists of a loan of up to US$50 million to Banco Davivienda (Costa Rica), S.A. (the " View Project Detail
2007418140530 30-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1000 Planning Grant: Strengthening the Environmental Association Pejibaye View Project Detail
2007218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Against the backdrop of the rise of environmental crime , such as the extraction of natural resourc View Project Detail
2017118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 23761 The national wildlife refuge Diria national forest has a 4000 has wet tropical forest and humeopemo View Project Detail
2017218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 17075 Establishment of a Bank of piangua in the mangrove forest of Golfito, in order to repopulate them, View Project Detail
2017318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 15000 Establecimiento de un banco de pianguas en el manglar de Golfito, con el fin de repoblarlas, sembra View Project Detail
2016118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 30000 Elaboration of a diagn n stico to assess the condition and current threats n birds in the Regi n Br View Project Detail
2016218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 24000 The Associatio n Cabo Blanco is an NGO prop Whose site is to channel funds for the protection of th View Project Detail
2016318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19200 The Associatio n Cultural Ind gena Bribri Sulechibi ( origin of man and nature ) was created with t View Project Detail
2014518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 25000 In the Cant n n P rez Zeled as in other regions of the pa s, the cultivation of coffee is position View Project Detail
2014618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 11000 This project aims to reduce the incidence of forest fires through an increase in knowledge, apprais View Project Detail
2014718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 21855 El proyecto estar a cargo de la Asociacion de Parceleros Curuband de Liberia, cedula jur dica N 3-0 View Project Detail
2014818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Association of Integral Development of Ind reserve gena low Chirrip, acronym ADIRI low Chirrip, View Project Detail
2003318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Wildlife Refuge n has an extension of 500 hectares and has 112 national park, the importance of View Project Detail
2006018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19147 The present project aims to strengthen the traditional pr practices of use and biodiversity conserv View Project Detail
2010818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 9782 The Montana Green Association n n is an organization that has spent the last 11 years giving a seri View Project Detail
2010918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 18888 ADI integral development association was formed on August 24, 1986 with 151 members n participation View Project Detail
2011018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The present project aims to meet the need for audiovisual and communications quality, for the promo View Project Detail
2011418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Joint Association for the production and Development Alliance Garabito de Agua Zarcas was founded i View Project Detail
2011518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The lovers Association of the Org nico (alove) is a non-profit association. Is formed by a group of View Project Detail
2011618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 25356 This project is implemented by the Association of women path to development, on behalf of 4 groups View Project Detail
2000218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20400 The live daily with the challenge of meeting the needs of families b SICAS because of resource econ View Project Detail
2002818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1000 Steering Committee Meeting in PDP May 2006, the need to reformulate identific three project proposa View Project Detail
2004918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 18500 modernization in industrial workshops re-frigeraci air conditioning ny by ny TRAINING courses suppl View Project Detail
2011818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 23000 This project is presented by the Association for the Integral Development of the community of Dulce View Project Detail
2011918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 This project, seeks to raise awareness to communities and youth to take sta at the same time, the n View Project Detail
2006918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 16000 Communities in the Rivas District have had considerable environmental alteration n , n DEGRADATION View Project Detail
2014918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Group tours (GG) is cre in 1981. Surgi as a result of the socio-pastoral communities of Acosta. We View Project Detail
2015018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 the Eco-bamboo craftsmen Association is an organization formed mostly by women from the community o View Project Detail
2015118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20685 Manuel Antonio National Park, with a Board of Directors comprised of representatives from civil soc View Project Detail
2014118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20011.11 This corresponds to a funding proposal to opt for the resources needed for the development of a ny View Project Detail
2014218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1631 General Objective: Conduct five project proposals five Indigenous Territories: ADI ADI Cocles Talam View Project Detail
2014318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Summary:. 1 General Purpose Contribute to the protection ny n conservation of biodiversity of Corco View Project Detail
2014418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20032 Hist richly Caribbean coastal towns have been consumers of meat and eggs of both sea turtles (green View Project Detail
2002018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 This project seeks to promote the conditions for the establishment of a solid base of group work an View Project Detail
2003818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Kate Green Foundation is growing in the western section n the Central Valley of Costa Rica , with t View Project Detail
2007018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 5000 The Movement of Costa Rican Agriculture Org nica MAOCO been developing various initiatives to ensur View Project Detail
2007118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Grano de Oro is a rural community , county seat of twelve Chirrip Cant Turrialba n .. n has a popul View Project Detail
2015918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 COS/03/38: ASODECC - Forested Minicorredores as Alternative Community Development Asodecc is an org View Project Detail
2016018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 3000 IV National Meeting of Farmers and Researchers Experimenters Production Org nica n APROZONOC n asso View Project Detail
2003918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 3000 The Draft Conservation RESEARCH ny green macaw (Ara ambigua) started in 1994 at the initiative of D View Project Detail
2000718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 2000 Since 1994 , the project research and conservation of the Great Green Macaw is conducting a researc View Project Detail
2000418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The ADI Cana n among its prop sites: promote activities to improve the quality of life for families View Project Detail
2003218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The settlement of Tronadora nsula Pen is a Peasant Village which is located in the Cant Tilar n of View Project Detail
2001918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 2000 The community of Three Hills is located 23 kilometers from Buenos Aires Potrero Grande in a area th View Project Detail
2003718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 25534 The project aims to encourage communal work on Conservation of resources: soil, water and forests; View Project Detail
2002118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The importance of mangrove ecosystems is great. In 1989 , the area of mangrove pa s had to be calcu View Project Detail
2004018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Association of Friends Chirrip Ecol logic is a non-profit Association with identification card View Project Detail
2000318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 50000 The Conservation Community Alliance for Alternative Tourism Rural, henceforth , ACT , has been prom View Project Detail
2003018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 Broker Biol logical Lake Arenal Tenorio is key to social and environmental development of the regio View Project Detail
2005518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Producers Association of Southern Turrubares , ECOSUR , based in the community of the same name View Project Detail
2001718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 14944 Founded in 1987, the mission n of the Rainforest Alliance is to protect ecosystems , along with the View Project Detail
2006318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 For to you Costa Ricans and the world have had an invaluable natural treasure, the La Amistad Inter View Project Detail
2000518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20649 Strengthen the administrative capacity of Coopeortega RL technique yt for all operations in n Gesti View Project Detail
2001818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 18134 The communities that make up the project ( St. Hedwig , St. Thomas , Los Angeles , California , San View Project Detail
2003618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 5000 The consolidation of the Cooperative Consortium BY THE SEA ms RL is a step in the process of associ View Project Detail
2006718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19935.34 As a general objective the association intends to promote and strengthen the work of the Regional C View Project Detail
2002718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20641 The logic of Associatio n Agroecol Juanilama , has extensive experience in the development of envir View Project Detail
2006518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19977 The main objective of the Association is to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity n throug View Project Detail
2006618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 15000 The association n Women Punta Morales growing together with the goal of exploring options to improv View Project Detail
2000618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 2025 This project arose from the concerns of the various people involved in the First Environment Forum, View Project Detail
2003518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 25600 Cedral community is located in the province of San Jos , Cant Zeled n n P rez , Caj n District , pa View Project Detail
2006418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Association of Piang n Purruja eros ( APIAPU ) was constituted in the year 1998 consolidated ra View Project Detail
2012218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 23419.50 The group of women n Venture Association has extensive experience in the participation of the local View Project Detail
2006818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 16807.66 The Association of Women n Quebrada Grande Nandayure was created in December 1998 in order to promo View Project Detail
2013418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The community of San Vito is located around the Rio Java, which became vital to the water supply an View Project Detail
2013518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the protection ny n conservation of biodi View Project Detail
2000918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 17765 The project spans 10 Ind genas Territories pa s South Zone , namely : Boruca , Curr King , T rraba View Project Detail
2002318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 19500 The Foundation Agroecologica Cotobrusena is the first organization in the pa s agroecol kind of log View Project Detail
2005318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The project consists of an n demarcaci responsible fishing area which has an extension n of 2.6 km2 View Project Detail
2005418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1300 With the conduct of this workshop the National University seeks to share the experience you have in View Project Detail
2014018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 29600 La Amistad International Park, covering most of the Cordillera de Talamanca in his shed Pac fico. C View Project Detail
2012318140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Association for Comprehensive Community Development Herradura de Rivas looking n since its crea View Project Detail
2012418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The Movement of Costa Rican Agriculture Org nica, MAOCO, has been supported by SGP / UNDP in the de View Project Detail
2012518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 10000 The organization has a job to twelve years, per period during which it has developed vast experienc View Project Detail
2012718140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The overall objective of the project is: To support the process of consolidation n Biol Corridor lo View Project Detail
2012818140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The overall objective of the project, which is protection ny Contribute to conservation of biodiver View Project Detail
2012918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 15000 The MAOCO, we propose to reformulate its strategy and organizational charts, with the broad partici View Project Detail
2013018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20394 Protect the natural resources in the area, mainly the resource drico h; allowing the conservation n View Project Detail
2013118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20.50 The project aims to encourage teamwork and a discharge to the Association Aqueduct n R Jes s Santia View Project Detail
2002218140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20317 In 2000 when the PPD gives a donation for $ 20,000 to the group to remodel (pr virtually was constr View Project Detail
2004118140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The coastal area of the city of Santa Cruz is facing a major crisis regarding water resource . The View Project Detail
2007618140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 3676 Under the 23 MEETING n Forestry Commission for Am America and the Caribbean ( COFLAC ) FAO , held a View Project Detail
2000018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 30000 The project has the prop site to promote the development of conservation and agriculture org nica i View Project Detail
2004418140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 1000 This project is aimed at project planning for the Womens Group Ecotourism Puerto Jesus . The Associ View Project Detail
2007918140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 3000 This project is a concrete response to the need to develop a technological package which would give View Project Detail
2001018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 The main objective of the organization is to support the local embeddedness of management processes View Project Detail
2002518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 18425.06 The aim of the organization is to provide a service n quality and diversified visitors ensuring con View Project Detail
2004518140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 3000 The organic agriculture is a unique activity that h grown slowly but steadily over the last to year View Project Detail
2008018140528 28-May-2014 Costa Rica US$ 20000 This project aims to contribute to a visible n com n to guide the development and promotion of Agri View Project Detail

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