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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
2012218140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 17333.33 Arrive between mid-January and late March to the inter s Saman participate in a humpback whale obse
2012318140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 27333.33 Protection of three private community forest reserves and REGENERATI naturally degraded areas n , n
2012418140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 21666.67 Strengthening co-determination process n ny consolidation of activities in the first phase of the p
2012518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 27744.27 1500 Reahabilitaci tasks caf with low productivity, with progressive deterioration by neglect and a
2012618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 17500 Production of biofuel from jatropha and from products generated n fish feed into the Community of L
2013418140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24285.71 recovery , production and marketing of the local coffee industry n certified to reverse the severe
2013518140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20200 Implementation of a comprehensive adaptation strategy ny Clim tico response to change from the pers
2013618140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 23800 Implementation of a comprehensive adaptation strategy ny Clim tico response to change from a local
2013718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20200 the amenada reduction of disease in the caf plataciones associated tico climate change , through th
2013818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24996 Reducing the levels of contamination by accumulation n s waste solids , establishing a processing p
2013918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 17453 Implementation of agroforestry systems in vulnerable or unprotected areas
2000818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 20000 In this phase , reproduction and establishment of small plantations of Oz and the improvement of di
2006718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 27142.86 Promote the conservation of biodiversity in agriculture rides through the conversion of n productiv
2002118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 17313 Protection of an area of dry forest and improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of the coa
2007018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 33021.46 Boost to t n agroforestry techniques and diversification of farming areas as a means of income gene
2007118140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 3000 Perform feasibility study for use of a water source to electrify 50 families of the community of Ma
2012718140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 19246.86 Org nico produce high quality compost to trav s vermiculture , leveraging mechanics org waste gener
2012818140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 24125.45 Biodiversity and Biological Restoration in the watershed of Arroyo Alonzo through Selo Agroforestry
2012918140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 27201.45 recovery of degraded areas with the certification of 4,662 jobs 71 producers, the installation of a
2013018140524 24-May-2014 Dominican Republic US$ 34251.20 attainment of ethanol from juice ca low fermentation system n anaer bic. Distils at 90-95 degrees L
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