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Ref NoPosting DateLocationValueShort Description
386051150616 16-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 advocacy to ensure adaptive capacity and environmental governance View Project Detail
389051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 the application of intelligent transportation systems project View Project Detail
393051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 land transport management information system View Project Detail
394051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 replacement for modernizing public transport View Project Detail
399051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 study a master plan for public transport in the kingdom View Project Detail
400051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 maritime safety project safemed View Project Detail
402051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 euromed aviation projecteuromed aviation View Project Detail
404051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 infrastructure for the development of (10) and the arrival of the starting centers View Project Detail
405051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 project global navigation satellite systems,gnss ii View Project Detail
410051150609 09-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 road transport and rail project and urban road, rail, urban transport View Project Detail
338051150603 03-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 jo-msme development for inclusive growth View Project Detail
344051150603 03-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 jordan second programmatic dpl View Project Detail
347051150603 03-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 strengthening the regulatory and institutional framework for msme deve View Project Detail
352051150603 03-Jun-2015 Jordan 0 strengthening accountability for improved education services in jordan View Project Detail
319051150519 19-May-2015 Jordan 0 increasing the resilience of poor and vulnerable communities to climate change impacts in jordan View Project Detail
2002118140916 17-Sep-2014 Jordan Not Specified Jordan Solar One (JSO or "the Developer") is a 20 megawatt (MW) solar PV power plant located in Al View Project Detail
2019518140614 14-Jun-2014 Jordan US$ 44000 The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in the v View Project Detail
2449618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 23900 The project aims at establishing a model for natural resource management in Na ur area, including t View Project Detail
2449718140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 35000 Ceyhan / Balqa Governorate is an agricultural rain fed area and its worth mentioning that this area View Project Detail
2449818140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 42000 The main objective of the project is Strengthening the internal and external capacities of Civil So View Project Detail
2449918140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 42400 In north Azraq, right in the heart of north eastern Jordanian Badia, the North Azraq Women Society View Project Detail
2450018140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 16747 The project will enable the NGO to run a revolving fund which will provide funding through full pay View Project Detail
2450118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 22500 This project is aimed at increasing and promoting sustainable land management practices, environmen View Project Detail
2450218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 45000 objective in this project is to build capacity of NGOs and government agencies, in order to facilit View Project Detail
2399118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 As part of the land and soil conservation measures undertaken in Wadi Ben Hammad, a women NGO reint View Project Detail
2399218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 49650 The project will teach young volunteers (ages 16-20) similar skills to those of a Marine Park range View Project Detail
2398118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 5000 The proponent was given a Pilot Phase SGP grant to establish a Palm Tree Nursery, but the project l View Project Detail
2398218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 40500 The project aims to contribute to the sustainability of productive agricultural lands through suppo View Project Detail
2398318140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 42000 The project aims to contribute to the protection of the special ecosystem of Wadi Rajib and the sus View Project Detail
2398418140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 48800 In Wadi Rum area, known for its unique natural, aesthetic and demographic characteristics, the GEF View Project Detail
2398518140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 2000 This planning grant is granted to the North Azraq Women Cooperative for the purpose of studying the View Project Detail
2398618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 32500 In Tafileh governorate, south of the country, Bseira Charity Society will implement the Agro-biodiv View Project Detail
2398718140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 26000 The project is located in Na`ur area south west Amman. It involves the establishment of a natural p View Project Detail
2398818140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 40000 Ghor Fifa Local Development Society has established partnership with the newly established Protecte View Project Detail
2398918140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 42200 The project will be implemented as part of a cluster of three projects in the north of the country View Project Detail
2399018140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 37000 This project will aim at increasing the awareness of the local community to manage a natural resour View Project Detail
2436318140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 19500 Aiming at increasing the family income for the local community and rural women, the cooperative pro View Project Detail
2436418140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 10000 The proponent had established a "Nature Appreciation Center" with a SGP Pilot Phase grant. The proj View Project Detail
2436518140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 48310 This project consists the second phase of the "Environmental Youth Camps at Madaba Productive Fores View Project Detail
2436618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 40000 The aim of this project is to motivate animal raising in captivity, in particular the (Shami goats) View Project Detail
2436718140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 21000 Wadi Rajib located in Ajloun is famous for its rich biodiversity and water springs, however in summ View Project Detail
2436818140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 32000 The project will support the Cultural Forum of Blind Women in Jordan to establish the first Environ View Project Detail
2436918140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 40000 A piece of land with an area of (10 dunnums) will be rented for this project. The land is partially View Project Detail
2437018140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 The proponent established a palm plantation run by the community in an area where a rare ecosystem View Project Detail
2437118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 14000 The project, a landfill rehabilitated by the NGO with support from the GEF/SGP and Greater Amman Mu View Project Detail
2437218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 1000 The grant was used to help proponent organize several structured meetings to involve its member NGO View Project Detail
2437318140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 33000 Princess Basma Development Center-Aqaba aims to work with Rural Women in poor local communities in View Project Detail
2437418140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 The grazing areas in the Halabat area are considered a good source for livestock and herds of cattl View Project Detail
2437518140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 8157 The project will involve the residential and commercial sectors in Shmeisani area in Amman in the s View Project Detail
2437618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 20000 With the un-precedented increase in fuel prices, the local community in the project area, which is View Project Detail
2437718140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 38000 The combination of the past two projects funded by GEF/SGP to this NGO has helped promote sustainab View Project Detail
2437818140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 3000 The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature organized a "GEF/SGP Stakeholder Workshop" in Dana View Project Detail
2437918140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 26834 The project will promote the sound management of natural resources in a semi-arid ecosystem close t View Project Detail
2438018140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 42817 The campsite is located in Al Azraq basin area, an important wetland close to the Saudi borders. Th View Project Detail
2438118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 38300 The project is implemented by the Jordan River Foundation in cooperation with the Forestry Deartmen View Project Detail
2438218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 1000 The project conducted a study on the influence of fishing practices on marine life in Aqaba Gulf. T View Project Detail
2438318140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 43000 Anjara Women Cooperative will implement the Conservation of Historical Olive Trees in Ajloun Govern View Project Detail
2438418140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 In the north region of Jorda, in the beautiful area of Wadi Rajib, the Wadi Rajib Women Cooperative View Project Detail
2438518140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 37150 The project will promote the use of energy efficiency equipment in Jordanian facilities through tra View Project Detail
2438618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 The project aims to help reduce land degradation through increasing sustainable water conservation View Project Detail
2438718140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 48000 Due to the increase of population and food production, the need to alter the agricultural practices View Project Detail
2438818140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 In Tubnah village of Irbid governorate, at the northernmost edge of Jordan s northern forests, clos View Project Detail
2438918140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 14000 The project will function in an area of heavy environmental pollution as it hosts an industrial com View Project Detail
2439018140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 40000 The project aims at building the capacity of national NGOs and community groups which are eligible View Project Detail
2439118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 43000 The project aims at developing a model of integrated environmental management of the Wadi Ben Hamad View Project Detail
2439218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 As in other communities living on the fringes of a nature reserve, the community of Dana village is View Project Detail
2439318140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 28000 In Deir Alla area in the Jordan Valley where unsustainable agricultural practices prevail, especial View Project Detail
2439418140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 1000 The planning grant was used to conduct a field study to collect information and initiate contacts r View Project Detail
2439518140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 32680 With the difficult economic circumstance all over the world, Jordan is currently facing harsh econo View Project Detail
2439618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 A result of the significant use of toxic and chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the North shuna View Project Detail
2439718140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 40254 The Jordan Royal Ecological Diving Society (JREDS) has been working with the glass boat sector in A View Project Detail
2439818140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 50000 The project aims at protecting the special marine biodiversity in Aqaba Gulf through developing the View Project Detail
2439918140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30383 The grantee will organize an environmental awareness campaign that involves the Department of Fores View Project Detail
2440018140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 21000 The local community will undertake measures and enhance practices aiming at improving water land ma View Project Detail
2440118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 31000 The project aims at conserving biodiversity in the decreasing forest areas in Jordan in a significa View Project Detail
2440218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 37640 The project involves installation of drought resistant landscaping on a site, dating back to the Um View Project Detail
2440318140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 49000 To highlight the rich biodiversity in Jordan and teach children the importance of its conservation, View Project Detail
2440418140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 24000 This project is a repetition of the Deir alla women group IPM project and was inititated after the View Project Detail
2440518140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 38277 Replicating a successful experience implemented by the Productive Women Cooperative in Marka where View Project Detail
2440618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 17435 The project worked to protect and propagat Quercus Aegilops Bioss trees, an indigenous species of t View Project Detail
2440718140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 50000 In Damia, Jordan Valley, the Damia Youth Club will implement this project, which aims to contribute View Project Detail
2440818140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 2500 This was the first stakeholder workshop organized by the Programme. It aimed at introducing GEF/SGP View Project Detail
2440918140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 50000 Fatima Az Zahra Women Charity Society in Bseira, Tafileh governorate will implement this project, w View Project Detail
2441018140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 49441 The Union worked to build up the capacities of its member societies around the country to deal with View Project Detail
2441118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 The proponent used Pilot Phase projects and other experiences to train women NGOs in Irbid governor View Project Detail
2441218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 27970 To promote eco-tourism in Dana and complement the efforts of the Royal Society for the Conservation View Project Detail
2441318140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 33200 With the rise in fuel prices, the local community is looking for alternatives to help sustain their View Project Detail
2441418140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 The proponenet conducted an intensive monitoring program of vehicle emissions and used the results View Project Detail
2441518140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 49000 The project aims at enhancing, sustaining and expanding a grey-water initiative implemented by the View Project Detail
2441618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 45000 The project used environment friendly technology to transfer an old mineral exploration camp to an View Project Detail
2441718140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 28312 The project aims at protecting Biodiversity in Al Wahadneh area through promotion of sound natural View Project Detail
2441818140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 48000 The project is implemented by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation/ Aqaba Center in cooperation with the View Project Detail
2441918140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 33000 The NGO cooperated with a local cement industry in the area and established a Rhus Forest on al old View Project Detail
2442018140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 40000 The proponent conducted a field survey, documented, classified and published its results in a book View Project Detail
2442118140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 40000 The proponent, a youth NGO protected a natural site in Balqa` governorate, fenced it, introduced so View Project Detail
2442218140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 48700 The Petra National Trust (PNT), a national non-government organization that was created to preserve View Project Detail
2442318140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 In the village of Manshiyet Abu Hammour village of Karak governorate, south Jordan, the women coope View Project Detail
2442418140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 34000 In Al Faisaliyeh village/ Madaba governorate, characterized by its beautiful rural nature and moder View Project Detail
2442518140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 35214 To enable women in the Tafileh area to contribute to biodiversity conservation through proper fores View Project Detail
2442618140519 19-May-2014 Jordan US$ 30000 Because Eastern Badia is rich in its plant biodiversity as they reported there were 322 species bel View Project Detail

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