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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
799817200529 29-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 Refer Document. television tv View Tender Detail
798817200529 29-May-2020 06-Jun-2020 Refer Document. metal shelving racks,clothes lockers - steel,almirah steel View Tender Detail
798417200529 29-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 Refer Document. sound level meter/noise level meter(sound measuring apparatus or decibel meter) View Tender Detail
797517200529 29-May-2020 06-Jun-2020 Refer Document. grease graphite-i View Tender Detail
797317200529 29-May-2020 06-Jun-2020 Refer Document. general purpose grease View Tender Detail
791417200529 29-May-2020 29-May-2020 Refer Document. infrared medical thermometer for measuring body temperature View Tender Detail
791017200529 29-May-2020 06-Jun-2020 Refer Document. oem cartridge/ consumable View Tender Detail
783317200529 29-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 Refer Document. oem cartridge/ consumable View Tender Detail
782117200529 29-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 Refer Document. pedestal fan View Tender Detail
768817200529 29-May-2020 06-Jun-2020 Refer Document. human resource outsourcing service View Tender Detail
768717200529 29-May-2020 06-Jun-2020 Refer Document. security manpower service View Tender Detail
744617200529 29-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 Refer Document. providing electromechanical installations/services and safety and security works, for infrastructure works of iaf sites under nfs project. (sh providing ei and fans, mv distribution panel and cable layin View Tender Detail
725052200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. for supply of books View Tender Detail
724052200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. audio system for council hall: 1 delegate unit 2 controller 3 4 zone power amplifier 4 digital signal processor View Tender Detail
723052200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. six sensor flue gas analyzer with interfacing software required View Tender Detail
718317200529 29-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Refer Document. engagement of user fee collection agency through e-quotation for manderdisa toll plaza at km.62.400 from km. 22.000 km 83.400 View Tender Detail
718217200529 29-May-2020 18-Jun-2020 Refer Document. notice of commencement of bidding for selection of airline(s) View Tender Detail
718117200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. procurement of license version of standard testing methods for quality control lab of bgr on annual subscriptions basis with real time updation facility of new and revised standards View Tender Detail
718017200529 29-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 Refer Document. amc of rim seal system View Tender Detail
717917200529 29-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 Refer Document. refurbishment of cfc contactor rb-004 of dcu View Tender Detail
717817200529 29-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Refer Document. supply of acetylene gas cylinder View Tender Detail
717717200529 29-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Refer Document. calibration of seven nos of explosive meters of gspl of make respo products View Tender Detail
717017200529 29-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 Refer Document. pahammawlein toll plaza at km. 13.550 (design ch.) (existing ch.13.750) View Tender Detail
700317200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. terms contract for artificiers works View Tender Detail
700217200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. periodical services to certain bldgs View Tender Detail
700117200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. construction of septic tanks and certain other sactioned works View Tender Detail
700017200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. repairs maint of internal electrification repair to all type fans earthing and certain other misc works View Tender Detail
699917200529 29-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 Refer Document. shifting of communication centre missamari to new klp location with restructuring of odp layout View Tender Detail
699817200529 29-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 Refer Document. outsoursing of services for em installations View Tender Detail
699717200529 29-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 Refer Document. maintenance and operation of pump house no 4, sewage installations, cleaning of tanks, supply and dozing of chemicals and allied works View Tender Detail
699617200529 29-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Refer Document. manning and operation of central and package type ac plants View Tender Detail
689717200529 29-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 Refer Document. addn/altn and spl repairs to or md accn View Tender Detail
689617200529 29-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 Refer Document. repair/maint of water supply distribuction network for zone-ii and vi View Tender Detail
689517200529 29-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 Refer Document. repair/maint of water supply distribuction network for zone-i and iii View Tender Detail
689417200529 29-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 Refer Document. certain repairs to sewage systyem and periodical services to bldgs View Tender Detail
689317200529 29-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 Refer Document. repair/maint of water supply distribuction network for zone-iva and ivb View Tender Detail
689217200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. periodical service in otm accomodation at zonei, iii, iva and vi View Tender Detail
689117200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. crash trolley tool box View Tender Detail
689017200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. procurement of cat vi wiring (includes cable conduit and laying) View Tender Detail
688917200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. procurement of high pressure hose for oxygen charging and despensing View Tender Detail
688817200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. repair/maintenance and replacement of internal electric fittings/fixture View Tender Detail
688717200529 29-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 Refer Document. repair/replacement of external water supply distribution system and other maint works in domestic and technical area View Tender Detail
688617200529 29-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Refer Document. repair to roofing, sliding/ steel door, joinery and other maintenance works for hangars and other buildings View Tender Detail
688517200529 29-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Refer Document. repair/replacement of internal plumbing gi pipes, plinth protection, sanitary fittings, joinery works including connected items in smq View Tender Detail
633052200529 29-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Refer Document. for the assets of mw solar pv power plant View Tender Detail
632052200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. operation and maintenance of the dm plant, chlorination system View Tender Detail
631052200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. 2nd phase restoration works at landslide area of tuirial power house View Tender Detail
577052200529 29-May-2020 31-May-2020 Refer Document. supply and installation of equipment under dst project in the department of economics View Tender Detail
569052200529 29-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 Refer Document. for facility maintenance support (fms) of campus network with network management software (nms) View Tender Detail
555052200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. supply, installation, testing and commissioning of cctv ip video surveillance system for power plant View Tender Detail
554052200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 Refer Document. reputed manufacturers or authorized dealers of cctv surveillance system for phase-ii supply, installation, testing and commissioning View Tender Detail
532052200529 29-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Refer Document. supply of 200w led flood light fittings for installation View Tender Detail
499052200529 29-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 Refer Document. for supply of work station and workstation lab tools View Tender Detail
496052200529 29-May-2020 30-May-2020 Refer Document. for providing comprehensive pest control services. View Tender Detail
493052200529 29-May-2020 15-Jun-2020 Refer Document. for allotment of shed/open space View Tender Detail
486052200529 29-May-2020 24-Jun-2020 Refer Document. operation and maintenance of all electrical installations, consisting of 11kv ht & lt panel, transformer,500 kva dg set and another ancillary equipment, fitting, wiring system etc View Tender Detail
485052200529 29-May-2020 30-May-2020 Refer Document. repairing, servicing, supply of solar panel View Tender Detail
477817200529 29-May-2020 26-Jun-2020 Refer Document. necessary upkeep of domestic area with cleaning of jungle/debris, trimming of trees, maintaining of company`s fruits gardens, ponds, nurseries, making temporary kitchen sheds for various sociocultural activities including touch-up painting of domes View Tender Detail
477617200529 29-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 Refer Document. purchase of natural gas View Tender Detail
471052200529 29-May-2020 26-Jun-2020 Refer Document. laying and spreading of stone aggregate in proper level View Tender Detail
470052200529 29-May-2020 17-Jun-2020 Refer Document. operation & maintenance including annual planned maintenance of 2 x 30 mw tuirial hydro electric power plant. View Tender Detail
343517200529 29-May-2020 22-Jun-2020 INR 1019162 hiring of one no. light motor vehicle (non ac) for inspection and failure attend of dste/tsk & adste/tsk for a period of 02 (two) years in tinsukia division. View Tender Detail
343017200529 29-May-2020 22-Jun-2020 INR 834492 hiring of one no. light motor vehicle (non ac) for use of dste/ic/tsk for a period of 02 (two) years in tinsukia division. View Tender Detail
342717200529 29-May-2020 19-Jun-2020 INR 5515121 manning/assistance in crew booking lobbies at ntsk, dbrg, mxn, fkg, power control, tsk, rcd fuelling depot at dbrg & ntsk for a period of 01 (one) year View Tender Detail
327517200529 29-May-2020 19-Jun-2020 INR 13017749 signaling in connection with residual works in section of tsk division. View Tender Detail
326117200529 29-May-2020 22-Jun-2020 INR 831470 hiring of one non-ac light commercial vehicle (swift dzire, bolero, scorpio or similar) with fuel and driver for use of dgm & secy to gm/ n.f. rly/mlg for a period of 2 years (730 vehicle days) View Tender Detail
324217200529 29-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 INR 14607083 loading/unloading of line boxes of loco pilots & gaurds at new bongaingaon station complex & goods yard and at rangiya station complex for a period of 03 (three) years. View Tender Detail
317917200529 29-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 INR 1054538 survey and preparation of drawings of lt/ht/eht power line across/along the railway track on different rly station platform, yard, section etc under gr. 257(part ii) re project between (i) lumding (excl) - farkating (excl) single line section of lu View Tender Detail
317617200529 29-May-2020 23-Jun-2020 INR 46160291 provision of treatment of sagged formation at km 26/4-27/3 ( up line, 0.2 km), 77/5-7 (0.2 km), 98/3-4 (0.1 km), 112/5-6 (0.1 km), 171/2-172/0 (0.3 km), 171/4-6 (0.1 km) (total=1.00 km) under the jurisdiction of den/i/lmg. View Tender Detail
317517200529 29-May-2020 22-Jun-2020 INR 15187887 supply of potable water to railway quarters, aden/hgs office, sse/works/hgs office, officer rest house, rpsf camp etc at hasan-haju m.w. office, phiding railway station and railway colony for a period of 12(twelve) months in lmg-bpb hill section View Tender Detail
307517200529 29-May-2020 30-Jun-2020 INR 911948969 supply, fabrication, assembling and erection of composite girders for 9 nos. major bridges having total 55 spans (18.3m x 3nos., 24.4m x13 nos., & 30.5m x 39 nos. ) in between stations hortoki and sairang including metalizing of members, supply, fi View Tender Detail
307417200529 29-May-2020 30-Jun-2020 INR 1444329211 supply, fabrication, assembling and erection of composite girders for 14 nos. major bridges having total 86 spans (18.3m x 1nos., 24.4m x20 nos., & 30.5m x 65 nos. ) in between stations bairabi and hortoki including metalizing of members, supply, f View Tender Detail
307317200529 29-May-2020 19-Jun-2020 INR 225918175 construction of sub-structure of major br. no. 477 (span 3x45.7m) across river dumurkijan, owg, on well foundation at km. 310/8-9 in between station sarupeta - pathsala & construction of sub- structure of major br. no. 488 (span 2x45.7m owg) across View Tender Detail
307217200529 29-May-2020 19-Jun-2020 INR 452443937 construction of sub-structure of 2 nos major bridges i.e of major br. no. 460 (span 4x45.7m) over river , at km.283/0-2 in between station patiladaha - sarbhog & major br. no. 467 (span 7x45.7m) over river beki, at km.291/0-4 in between station sar View Tender Detail
307117200529 29-May-2020 19-Jun-2020 INR 432778362 construction of substructure of major br. no.448 (span 8x30.5m), at km 263/5-8 across river aie in between station chaprakata - bijni, major br. no. 456 (span 2x61.0m+1x45.7m) at km 276/0-2 in between section bijni-patiladaha across river manas on View Tender Detail
306317200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 INR 482563165 at station- , chaprakata, bijni & patiladaha, construction of station building, passanger platform shelters, foot over bridges, other passanger amenities, circulating area, staff quarters etc. and other ancillary works in connection with new - bg d View Tender Detail
306217200529 29-May-2020 16-Jun-2020 INR 479531359 at station- sorbhog, barpeta road, guagacha, sarupeta, pathsala: construction of station building, passanger platform shelters, foot over bridges, other passanger amenities, circulating area, staff quarters etc. and other ancillary works in connect View Tender Detail
306117200529 29-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 INR 798320240 earthwork in filling & cutting for making embankment, construction of minor bridges, protection work and other related works from ch.44.00 km to 67.00 km in connection with the dimapur(dhansiri)-kohima(zubza) new railway line project of n.f. railwa View Tender Detail
306017200529 29-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 INR 1164061917 earthwork in filling & cutting for making embankment, construction of minor bridges, protection work and other related works from ch.67.00 km to 80.50 km in connection with the dimapur(dhansiri)-kohima(zubza) new railway line project of n.f. railwa View Tender Detail
777617200528 28-May-2020 30-May-2020 Refer Document. notice inviting quotation for refilling and servicing fire extinguishers at depot / office under do jorhat View Tender Detail
777517200528 28-May-2020 30-May-2020 Refer Document. supply installation testing and commissioning of 2 nos of 16 mtr high mast including services connection at fsd bindukuri View Tender Detail
769917200528 28-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 Refer Document. water leakage treatment of conveyor belt 1a 1b and coveyor belt 2a View Tender Detail
769817200528 28-May-2020 29-May-2020 Refer Document. hiring of 60 hp dewatering pump for chp area at bgtpp View Tender Detail
769717200528 28-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Refer Document. procurement of bowl mill roller journal bearings View Tender Detail
769617200528 28-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 Refer Document. deployment of service engineer for oil sampling for 400 kv bushing bhel View Tender Detail
769517200528 28-May-2020 29-May-2020 Refer Document. procurement of pressure seal rings for crh, nrv, ms and hrh strainers View Tender Detail
706417200528 28-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 Refer Document. annual maintenance contract for civil works 2020 to 2022 of operational area, nonoperational area and terminal building View Tender Detail
703817200528 28-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 Refer Document. supply of swing elbow View Tender Detail
700617200528 28-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 Refer Document. job work for trapping and removing of wildlife (jackal) from operational area View Tender Detail
699052200528 28-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 Refer Document. 1. nits/ps-643/me/swing type band saw machine/(et)/2020(r-2) 2. nits/ps-67/me/hot tube tester/(et)/2020 3. nits/ps-48/ece/equip/ip&cv lab/(et)/2020 4. nits/ps-60/cse/trainer kit/(et)/2020 5. nits/ps-65/me/emission analyser/(et)/2020 6. nits/ps-68/me View Tender Detail
691417200528 28-May-2020 04-Jun-2020 Refer Document. supply of safety valves. View Tender Detail
691317200528 28-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 Refer Document. supply of fire and safety materials for gspl stations View Tender Detail
691217200528 28-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 Refer Document. supply of 6 nos. lt switchboards View Tender Detail
691117200528 28-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 Refer Document. design, engineering, manufacture, shop testing, inspection, packing n forwarding, transportation and delivery at site including transit insurance, loading n unloading, intermediate storage and insurance of 6 nos 20mva gts View Tender Detail
691017200528 28-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 Refer Document. procurement of copper and silver corrosion coupons. View Tender Detail
690917200528 28-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 Refer Document. procurement of centrifugal pumps for ms jet mixing scheme es/1135 View Tender Detail
690817200528 28-May-2020 26-May-2020 Refer Document. procurement of 1 no. of 2-inch wilden sanitary patented pro flo shift series pump View Tender Detail
690717200528 28-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 Refer Document. m and i of horton sphere 3 nos in offsite area View Tender Detail
690617200528 28-May-2020 05-Jun-2020 INR 1211964 service contract for tensioning torquing and other related miscellaneous jobs View Tender Detail
690517200528 28-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 Refer Document. spares of off gas compressor of dcu-i and ii View Tender Detail

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