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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1121518200207 07-Feb-2020 07-Mar-2020 INR 2312000 construction of approach road and vehicle parking shed for coal office building at ytps site
1121218200207 07-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 Refer Document. providing man power service
1120718200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 74000 procurement of laptop and printer to office(housing section) of district
1120618200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 500000 procurement of xerox machine, desktop to office of district
1120418200207 07-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 Refer Document. cental sterile service department equipments (cssd) medical equipments : static pass box, receiving table, ss washing sink, ultrasonic cleaner single tank, dryer , stainless steel control & packing table, plain packing table, continuous band sealer
1120318200207 07-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 Refer Document. supply of paddy straw for the year 2020-21
1120018200207 07-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 Refer Document. supply of iron horse shoe for the year 2020-21
1118918200207 07-Feb-2020 13-Mar-2020 Refer Document. annual maintenance of 3.00mld in block-i & block-iii, and 4.00 mld stp in block-iv
1118818200207 07-Feb-2020 13-Mar-2020 Refer Document. annual layout maintenance block-i, iv & v of suryanagar phase-iii,
1117618200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 110338 laying of pipeline from surveyar prakash house to kanvehnumantharyappa house at town
1117518200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 109743 construction of cc road from jayana house puttama house at town
1117418200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 58853 construction of rcc deck slab near 5th ward chika masidi sharif house at town
1117318200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 131354 construction of cc road from bodabandenahalli to bypass at town
1117218200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 133436 layaing of pipe line in 12th ward at town
1116718200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 1483834 supplying and laying electrical poles and electrical lines coming under arsikere cmc limits
1114718200207 07-Feb-2020 09-Mar-2020 INR 14325410 construction of open shed for segregation of solid waste collected at swm landfill site as per approved dpr in cmc rabkavi-banahatti ulb limit
1114518200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 142320 layaing of pipeline in 6th ward at
1114418200207 07-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 INR 176078 laying of pipe line 4th ward at town
1103318200207 07-Feb-2020 06-Mar-2020 Refer Document. procurement of milk from teradal-2 to chimmada imcu.
1102518200207 07-Feb-2020 06-Mar-2020 Refer Document. procurement of milk
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