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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1275218190518 18-May-2019 06-Jun-2019 Refer Document. shoulder mills and carbide inserts
1275118190518 18-May-2019 20-May-2019 Refer Document. space suit model made out of frp
1275018190518 18-May-2019 20-May-2019 Refer Document. exhibition panel stands
1197618190518 18-May-2019 22-May-2019 Refer Document. hiring of manpower skilled and unskilled
1197518190518 18-May-2019 28-May-2019 INR 350000 painting work of 100m fm tower
1190818190518 18-May-2019 24-May-2019 Refer Document. preparation of walkthrough animation film for tax office building
1190718190518 18-May-2019 31-May-2019 INR 1186120 carry out in service inspection isi of d2o hx tubing during
1190618190518 18-May-2019 24-May-2019 INR 300000 purchase demolition and disposal of 24 nos flats
1190518190518 18-May-2019 24-May-2019 INR 433938 providing new name board at entrance gate
1165518190518 18-May-2019 28-May-2019 Refer Document. supply of mms superstructures for 39mw spv plant
1159918190518 18-May-2019 10-Jun-2019 Refer Document. stereo optical microscope system
1159818190518 18-May-2019 10-Jun-2019 Refer Document. esd safe chairs
1159718190518 18-May-2019 10-Jun-2019 Refer Document. procurement of refractive optics mtf setup
1159618190518 18-May-2019 10-Jun-2019 Refer Document. optical filters
1159518190518 18-May-2019 10-Jun-2019 Refer Document. wafer bonder machine
1159418190518 18-May-2019 10-Jun-2019 Refer Document. supply and performance demonstration of turbo molecular pumping system with accessories
1158818190518 18-May-2019 03-Jun-2019 Refer Document. vacuum cocentrator
1158718190518 18-May-2019 31-May-2019 Refer Document. supply installation and commissioning of 100 mm puff panel enclosure 50 mm rockwool insulation pan
1157218190518 18-May-2019 27-May-2019 Refer Document. eoi for selection of system integrator for rfp for jalandhar integrated smart solutions for implem
1154718190518 18-May-2019 05-Jun-2019 Refer Document. efmc1700803a ro membrane efmc1700803f post carbon filter
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