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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
642218191122 22-Nov-2019 22-Nov-2019 Refer Document. hipping of titanium castings
642118191122 22-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 Refer Document. supply of carpet grass with grass, manure and flower plants
642018191122 22-Nov-2019 16-Dec-2019 Refer Document. supply of spare heating elements
641918191122 22-Nov-2019 25-Nov-2019 Refer Document. supply of tungsten carbide throw away inserts
632818191122 22-Nov-2019 28-Nov-2019 Refer Document. closing of breaches towards isb in uoh landsupply and fixing of 150 ltr capacity ss water cooler
630618191122 22-Nov-2019 27-Nov-2019 Refer Document. room temperature and humidity meters, temperature recorders with probe for refrigerators,temperatu
422218191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Refer Document. enamel leaf brown to isc no.489 of is:5
420418191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Refer Document. light orange paint code 557 to is:5-1978
420318191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Refer Document. enamel jade green as per jss:8010-10
420218191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Refer Document. pack carburising salt
420118191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Refer Document. enamel black
419918191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Refer Document. ortho phosphoric acid (tech grade)
419818191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Refer Document. silicon release spray anti-spattern
419318191122 22-Nov-2019 13-Dec-2019 INR 92000 supply of temperature gauges
419218191122 22-Nov-2019 13-Dec-2019 INR 100000 annual maintenance of apple make 60t weigh bridge for a period of two years
419118191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 INR 2850000 drilling of 3 nos. of 12.5 inches dia bore holes for depth of 240 mtrs each and with casing of 8 i
419018191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 INR 500000 repairing/rewinding of 3.3 kv, 350 hp sci motor for rgoc2
418918191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 INR 50000 procurement of polyamide conduct pipes
418818191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 INR 550000 procurement of 1.5t hydraulic table
418718191122 22-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 INR 100000 procurement of hydro electric pressure switch for transport crawler working
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