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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
2387016200219 19-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Refer Document. disposal of shredded note briquettes
2386816200219 19-Feb-2020 06-Mar-2020 Refer Document. supply, installation, testing & commissioning of fire retardant (fr) sealed maintenance free (smf)
2497116200219 19-Feb-2020 22-Feb-2020 Refer Document. procurement of vending machine
2147216200219 19-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Refer Document. infusion pump volumetric/ syringe based
2146916200219 19-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Refer Document. handheld brush cutter / line trimmer
2146316200219 19-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Refer Document. blood bags
2447316200219 19-Feb-2020 11-Feb-2020 INR 500000 procurement of four channel organ bath
2447216200219 19-Feb-2020 11-Mar-2020 INR 900000 procurement of biosafety cabinet class ii, b2
2447116200219 19-Feb-2020 11-Mar-2020 INR 1200000 procurement of deep freezer -800c
2447016200219 19-Feb-2020 11-Mar-2020 INR 151000 procurement of happy seeder
2446916200219 19-Feb-2020 11-Mar-2020 INR 215000 procurement of paddy straw chopper cum shredder
2446816200219 19-Feb-2020 11-Mar-2020 INR 215000 procurement of mulcher
2352416200219 19-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 Refer Document. socket for 32 mm nb pipe size confirming to rdso drg. no. wd- 83062- s -07, alt. 6, item-2 and rds
2352316200219 19-Feb-2020 22-Feb-2020 Refer Document. 48 v dc motive battery charger for fork lift truck
2577216200219 19-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Refer Document. class room desking / seating
2514616200219 19-Feb-2020 13-Mar-2020 Refer Document. supply and fixing of lt panel for cnc machine
2541516200219 19-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Refer Document. waste containers or rigid liners- dust bin or garbage bin or household bin
2540716200219 19-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Refer Document. anaesthesia workstation
2496916200219 19-Feb-2020 25-Feb-2020 Refer Document. complete shifting of economizer coils
2495916200219 19-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 Refer Document. supply and installation of animated dynamic signage boards
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