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India\West Bengal
Oil India Limited
OIL INDIA LIMITED (A Govt. Of India Enterprise) Tel :033 2230 1657, 1658 4, India Exchange Place, Fax :91 33 2230 2596 Kolkata-700001 E-mail
Tender Details
OIL INDIA LIMITED invites Limited tenders for item,(Design , Fabrication & Supply of Hospital Grade, Chamber type, Spark arresting Silencer for use in Waukesha L5790 Gas Engines with following specification: i)Sound Attenuation : 35 to 40 dB, ii)MOC: ANSI, Schedule 20 Carbon Steel Pipe, iii) Side Inlet & Side Out type iv) Shell Diameter: 36 Inch (Min.) v) Flange to Flange Length : 126 Inch (min.) vi) Weight (Approx.) : 855 lbs, vii) Lifting Lugs : 2 nos viii) Paint: Heat Resistance Black paint , Design Data: Exhaust Temp : 1033F , Exhaust Flow: 4155 CFM, Max permissible back pressure: 18 Inches of Water Column.)
Posting Date
19 Dec 2019
Bid Deadline

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