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Domestic Competitive Bidding
Self Funded
Indian Space Research Organisation
Address: Purchase and Stores Officer
Phone: 080-25084370
Tender Details
Description: PCB Layout SI/PI/Thermal Analysis Software

APPLICATION SOFTWARE PCB Layout Signal/Power/Thermal Integrity Analysis Software

APPLICATION SOFTWARE Additional AMC after completion of 1 year warranty

Remark: 1. ISAC invites offers through e-tender portal for the supply of following items. 2. This is a Public Tender under Two Part Basis. Only online tenders will be accepted. No manual/Postal/e-mail/Fax Offers will be entertained. 3. No Tender Fees Applicable. REPEAT No Tender Fees Applicable 4. This is a Two Part Public Tender. Please do not attach price details along with technical details in pdf or any format. If so, your offer shall be rejected. 5. Tender shall be opened on the first day of the schedule. In the event of any technical snags and if the tender could not be opened on the first day, it will be opened on the second/next working day as per the schedule. 6. We are exempted from the Payment of Customs Duty. Only 5% Duty and 5% IGST is applicable as per Notification No.5/2018-Customs, dated 25/01/2018 Sl.No.539 A. 7. Strict Compliance to our Commercial Terms and Conditions will have to be followed by the Vendor(s) or otherwise, your offer will be rejected. 8. Please peruse Tender Conditions properly while submitting the Quotation. 9. Government of India has implemented Goods and Service Tax (GST) w.e.f. 01.07.2017. The Tenderer(s) should mandatority posses a valid GSTIN along with GST Registration Certificate. Please send duly self attested certificate of GST Registration along with offer(s), in the absence of which, your offer(s) will be invalid and shall not be considered. As per Government Notification No.47/2017 Integrated Tax (Rate), dated 14.11.2017, Concessional GST @ 5% is applicable. 10. TDS @ 2% on GST shall be effected from the bill on supply of Goods and / or Services.
Posting Date
13 Mar 2020
Bid Deadline

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