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Tenders For closure

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
221118191121 21-Nov-2019 18-Dec-2019 Philippines Tender For safe closure and rehabilitation of municipal dumpsite
240518191121 21-Nov-2019 11-Dec-2019 Philippines Tender For safe closure & rehabilitation of open dumpsite at bagumbayan
534418191120 20-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 France Tender For Securing the entrances of the School Groups George Lapierre and Moulin Vent by supplying and imple
535818191120 20-Nov-2019 16-Dec-2019 France Tender For Study and design of closure plans for mechanical cliques; - The supply of cylinders, keys and acce
577216191120 20-Nov-2019 07-Jan-2020 Germany Tender For Sewage services
1010218191120 20-Nov-2019 19-Dec-2019 United States Tender For ATP CYCLE 2 SIDEWALK GAP CLOSURE SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL
574716191119 19-Nov-2019 17-Dec-2019 Czech Republic Tender For Printed envelopes
576616191119 19-Nov-2019 20-Dec-2019 Poland Tender For Angiography supplies
750218191119 19-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 Morocco Tender For REINFORCEMENT WORK OF THE NADOR PORT
783618191119 19-Nov-2019 12-Dec-2019 Morocco Tender For CONSTRUCTION OF A CLOSURE WALL
794718191119 19-Nov-2019 18-Dec-2019 Germany Tender For Box body with rear portal for complete closure by Hubladeboardwand for the vehicle of the youth tr
1065518191119 19-Nov-2019 11-Dec-2019 Switzerland Tender For Construction work
1092318191119 19-Nov-2019 17-Dec-2019 Germany Tender For Guard services
1093018191119 19-Nov-2019 18-Dec-2019 Germany Tender For Construction work
1508218191119 19-Nov-2019 16-Jan-2020 South Africa Tender For Appointment of multiple suppliers for the supply, delivery and offloading of high density polythen
592016191118 18-Nov-2019 10-Dec-2019 Chile Tender For EXTENSION AND IMPROVEMENT PEDRO MONTT HEADQUARTERS
752318191118 18-Nov-2019 09-Dec-2019 Morocco Tender For THE CONSTRUCTION OF GRADES OF CLUSTERS AND CLOSURE WALLS
763616191118 18-Nov-2019 20-Dec-2019 Poland Tender For Works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
799116191118 18-Nov-2019 16-Dec-2019 Hungary Tender For Sterilisation, disinfection and hygiene devices
119618191116 16-Nov-2019 17-Dec-2019 South Africa Tender For Calculation of rehabilitation, capping & remediation costs at closure of all landfill sites

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