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Tenders For dosing system

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
439117200401 01-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 India / bihar Refer Document. Tender For LIME FEEDING/DOSING SYSTEM for 3x660 MW FGD PKG and 3 x 800 MW TPP PHASE I
445717200401 01-Apr-2020 07-Apr-2020 India / uttar pradesh Refer Document. Tender For Oxygen Dosing System for 1x 660 MW TPS
480017200331 31-Mar-2020 01-Apr-2020 India / ORISSA Refer Document. Tender For MECHANISED AMMONIA DOSING SYSTEM
954917200329 29-Mar-2020 26-May-2020 Oman Refer Document. Tender For Contractors for Tire Chip Storage Handling and Dosing System
1125217200328 28-Mar-2020 07-Apr-2020 India / UTTAR PRADESH Refer Document. Tender For Design, Supply of required material, erection and Commissioning of COC Acid Dosing System at Auraiya
381018200319 19-Mar-2020 16-Apr-2020 South Africa Refer Document. Tender For Supply, delivery & dosing of cooling water chemical to power station for 6 months
877052200319 19-Mar-2020 22-Apr-2020 India / JHARKHAND Refer Document. Tender For LIME DOSING PUMP WITH MOTOR
460051200318 18-Mar-2020 20-Apr-2020 Uzbekistan Refer Document. Tender For construction of methanol dosing system into pipeline cgtu surgil ugcc and tank battery
640316200318 18-Mar-2020 13-Apr-2020 Singapore Refer Document. Tender For Supply And Delivery Of 19% Hydrogen Peroxide And/Or Manpower And Equipment For Jurong Rock Caverns Storage Facility On Jurong Island
586016200317 17-Mar-2020 02-Apr-2020 India / Telangana Refer Document. Tender For PROVISION OF CHLORINE DOSING SYSTEM AND CONNECTED ITEMS
1101416200317 17-Mar-2020 16-Apr-2020 Finland Refer Document. Tender For Hand Sanitizer
1350316200314 16-Mar-2020 06-Apr-2020 Australia Refer Document. Tender For Repairs and Maintenance, Cleaning, Testing of Cooling Towers and Chemical Dosing Systems
272251200313 13-Mar-2020 01-Apr-2020 Sri Lanka Refer Document. Tender For supply and installation of pumping sets, air blowers, chemical dosing system, chlorination system & accessories for upper hanthana package treatment plant
950816200313 13-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Construction of a surface water intake, raw water transmission and treatment system together with desalination and accompanying infrastructure for water supply in swinoujscie. `Wydrzany II
542916200312 12-Mar-2020 27-May-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For 31469/25091 KW Wassmannsdorf, VE 51 flocculation filtration building, object 5
546916200312 12-Mar-2020 05-May-2020 Germany EUR 3947081 Tender For 410/475 Sanitary and fire extinguishing systems
938818200312 12-Mar-2020 N/A Germany Refer Document. Tender For New construction of the Lobeda-West sports swimming pool in Jena Trade Badewassertechnik
946318200312 12-Mar-2020 N/A Germany Refer Document. Tender For New construction of the Lobeda-West sports swimming pool in Jena Trade in wastewater/water/gas
959518200312 12-Mar-2020 07-Apr-2020 Germany Refer Document. Tender For Refurbishment of wastewater treatment plant
1036718200312 12-Mar-2020 15-Apr-2020 Poland PLN 400000 Tender For Delivery of 400 tons of aluminum coagulant to the Sewage Treatment Plant in Gorzow Wlkp.

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