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Tenders For o ring

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
104518200220 20-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2020 United States Tender For O-RING
398318200220 20-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2020 India / Andhra Pradesh Tender For Lot No: 416 Lot Name: ALU.SCRAP-PISTONS W/O PINS & RINGS
510518200220 20-Feb-2020 06-Mar-2020 India / HARYANA Tender For Lot No: 117 Lot Name: Old and unused Surplus O-RINGS, Oil seals, gaskets, ETC
526318200220 20-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 India / TAMIL NADU Tender For Lot No: 230.0 Lot Name: COND. CYLINDER HEAD GASKET, RUBBER BEDS, OIL SEAL etc
583816200220 20-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 India / Goa Tender For Spares for Mechanical Maint - BUSH,BRASS,, COUPLING,PUMP, THREADED ROD,70W783336270, BALL VALVE,SCRUBBER, SPIDER,COUPLING, HOSE CLAMP,009605042, SPRAY NOZZLE,P6347A120, SPRAY NOZZLE,P6347A120, SOCKET,BOILER, Spares for Mechanical Maint - BUSH,BRASS
745816200220 20-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh Tender For Improvement of Lane By Interlocking Tiles
781018200220 20-Feb-2020 16-Mar-2020 India / Maharashtra Tender For O RING- KALREZ
1029416200220 20-Feb-2020 09-Mar-2020 India / DELHI Tender For Day to day Sanitary, water supply & carpentry work
1047518200220 20-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 Poland Tender For Purchase of cars
1057016200220 20-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh Tender For 1. O Ring Inter Cooler 2.Upper Plunger O Ring
1064818200220 20-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2020 Poland Tender For Provision of maintenance services for ventilation and air conditioning equipment in the buildings
1077216200220 20-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 India / Haryana Tender For KIT O AUTOMATIC TWIST LOCK FOR BLC WAGONS
1078716200220 20-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh Tender For SEAL. O-ring
1110116200220 20-Feb-2020 26-Feb-2020 India / BIHAR Tender For Overhauling kit for 1-1/4 angle cock comprising of three items-(1) Rubber seat -02 nos. (2) Rubber O ring -01 nos. (3) Rubber O ring - 02 nos. Specn. Confirming to IRS-R 48-88 as CLW drg.No. WD.881235-01 (Alt.2) & CLW (for detail
1140716200220 20-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 India / Delhi Tender For SH - Providing and displaying of foliage and flowering potted plants at L. G. House, L. G. Office, L. G. Secretariate, 02 No. Raj Niwas Marg, M.S.O. Building, Session House and Vikas Bhawan I and II.
1140718200220 20-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 India / Punjab Tender For S/O COMPUTER OPERATOR,CL ERK,MALI,CHOKIDAR AND OTHER STAFF
1140918200220 20-Feb-2020 09-Mar-2020 India / Punjab Tender For Construction and Laying interlocking Tiles work in ward No. 6 Different Places (H/o Surjeet Singh) 12.00
1141116200220 20-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 India / Delhi Tender For M/o Hort. Works under Hort. Division (East), PWD, dg 2019 - 20. SH - Providing Security Guard for various offices and Nurserys under Horticulture Division East.
1141318200220 20-Feb-2020 29-Feb-2020 India / TRIPURA Tender For I. Drain mtc near bhaskar Debbarma to Hirak Debbarma at near Cosmopolitan club, II. Const. of drain near H.O Suman Debbarma opposite site of Prabhat Chandra Park and III. Drain mtc near the H O Sanjoy Acharjee at Lake Chowmuhani under Ward No. 19 A
1142116200220 20-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 India / Delhi Tender For M/o Non - Residential buildings under Hort. Sub Division (East), Hort. Division (East), PWD, GNCTD, dg 2019 - 20. SH - Cleaning, Sweeping of Sachivalaya Premises.

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