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Tenders For pressure vessels

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
1070016190628 28-Jun-2019 13-Nov-2020 Canada Tender For provides combat-capable, multipurpose naval forces to support national and international security
812016190618 18-Jun-2019 N/A Czech Republic Tender For Miscellaneous general and special-purpose machinery
833816190604 04-Jun-2019 N/A Romania Tender For Survey vessels
611616190513 13-May-2019 N/A Sweden Tender For Water transport services
67118190430 30-Apr-2019 N/A Denmark Tender For Industrial machinery
1064918190423 23-Apr-2019 19-Apr-2020 Thailand Tender For Purchasing an Introducer sheath kit for drilling blood vessels for catheter size between 4-9 Fr.
516818190422 22-Apr-2019 18-Apr-2020 Thailand Tender For procurement plan For the fiscal year 2019, purchasing a small vascular catheter type 1.9-2.0 Fr. i
451118190417 17-Apr-2019 N/A Norway Tender For Medical consumables
53718190415 15-Apr-2019 N/A Finland Tender For Machinery for metallurgy and associated parts
181818190328 28-Mar-2019 N/A Netherlands Tender For District-heating plant construction work
91018190319 19-Mar-2019 N/A Norway Tender For Administration, defence and social security services
709916190313 13-Mar-2019 N/A United Kingdom Tender For Engineering services
228618190306 06-Mar-2019 N/A United Kingdom Tender For Gas cooling systems
1139418190305 05-Mar-2019 N/A Netherlands Tender For Ships and boats
822616190227 27-Feb-2019 N/A Spain Tender For Sporting services
899018190221 21-Feb-2019 N/A United Kingdom Tender For Shipping operations
58818190220 20-Feb-2019 N/A Ireland Tender For Tanks, reservoirs, containers and pressure vessels
815116190219 19-Feb-2019 N/A Spain Tender For Surveillance system
487418190215 15-Feb-2019 N/A Norway Tender For Water transport services
1393318190214 14-Feb-2019 N/A Montenegro Tender For Supply of Equipment for Response to Marine Pollution Incidents

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