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Tenders For psa nitrogen generator

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
27618200217 17-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 India / Kerala Tender For Design, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing, Supply, Erection And Commissioning Of One Number Integra
594916200217 17-Feb-2020 24-Feb-2020 India / karnataka Tender For spares for nitrogen-gen(lc-ms)
595016200217 17-Feb-2020 20-Feb-2020 India / maharashtra Tender For nitrogen cylinders for tk 90
654016200217 17-Feb-2020 20-Feb-2020 India / maharashtra Tender For Development of existing bore well
795916200217 17-Feb-2020 16-Mar-2020 United States Tender For Liquid Nitrogen Tanks and Refill IDIQ
879816200217 17-Feb-2020 18-Feb-2020 Philippines Tender For Supply and Delivery of Povidone iodine 10 % antiseptic, - gallon - Has a slight characteristic odo
1004516200217 17-Feb-2020 17-Feb-2020 India / Maharashtra Tender For procurement of Nitrogen Gas
1012616200217 17-Feb-2020 21-Feb-2020 India / Assam Tender For Supply and Installation of Liquid Nitrogen Cryopreservation System
1012816200217 17-Feb-2020 06-Mar-2020 India / Assam Tender For Supply and Installation of Liquid Nitrogen Tanks
1016516200217 17-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 India / Uttaranchal Tender For Supply of Nitrogen Generator
1288516200217 17-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 Brazil Tender For Price Registration for eventual acquisition of Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG (P13 and P45), Acetylen
1358116200217 17-Feb-2020 17-Feb-2020 Malaysia Tender For PURCHASE OF LIQUID NITROGEN (RY)
1750316200217 17-Feb-2020 20-Mar-2020 Poland Tender For Educational equipment
1761216200217 17-Feb-2020 16-Mar-2020 Sweden Tender For Gases
1769416200217 17-Feb-2020 19-Mar-2020 Romania Tender For Chemical phosphatic fertilisers
1772816200217 17-Feb-2020 N/A Bulgaria Tender For Structural engineering consultancy services
2237416200217 17-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 India / Haryana Tender For Purchase of Nitrogen Estimation System
2291016200217 17-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 India / Uttaranchal Tender For Technical Specification of item:(Water Purification Systems,Automatic Nitrogen Estimation System)
2359916200217 17-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 India / UTTARANCHAL Tender For Supply of Nitrogen Generator
2366016200217 17-Feb-2020 07-Mar-2020 India / ORISSA Tender For Procurement of Nitrogen Distillation Unit

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