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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description
23618190720 20-Jul-2019 19-Aug-2019 India / Assam Tender For Supply and Installation of Equipment - Pneumatic Actuator for Cycle Loading with related accessori
617418190720 20-Jul-2019 05-Aug-2019 Brazil Tender For Purchase of Permanent Materials and Surgical Instruments
823218190720 20-Jul-2019 26-Jul-2019 India / TAMIL NADU Tender For SHEARING MACHINE BLADE
863618190720 20-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 India / tamil nadu Tender For CABLE SHEAR / CUTTER
1170016190720 20-Jul-2019 22-Jul-2019 India / Punjab Tender For HARMONIC ACE SHEAR LENGTH 36 CM 5.5 DIAMETER HAR36
1257918190720 20-Jul-2019 23-Jul-2019 India / tamil nadu Tender For Shear Fatigue Testing Machine
1369318190720 20-Jul-2019 30-Jul-2019 India / Madhya Pradesh Tender For Shearing Blade Set
407218190719 19-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines Tender For Purchase of Brush Cutter and Grass Shear/Cutter
883416190719 19-Jul-2019 09-Aug-2019 India / telangana Tender For 32 IO PLC with supporting touch HMI
756518190718 18-Jul-2019 06-Aug-2019 Poland Tender For Mechanical engineering services
1150218190718 18-Jul-2019 02-Aug-2019 India / WEST BENGAL Tender For Procurement of Shearing Blades as per Drg.No. 19/0159 [1 Set consisting etc.
1374618190718 18-Jul-2019 05-Aug-2019 India / WEST BENGAL Tender For Gardening Items (Lawn Mower Powered by Petrol (reputed Brand) Lawn Mower Powered by Electricity (r
1374818190718 18-Jul-2019 05-Aug-2019 India / WEST BENGAL Tender For INSTRUMENTS (Clinical thermometer Electrical Dehorning saw Dipping fork Ear or neck chain White En
1437818190718 18-Jul-2019 04-Aug-2019 Bangladesh Tender For 11/0.4 KV Line Maintenance, 0.4 KV Line Maintenance, 11/0.4 KV New Transformer Installation for Lo
3112551190718 18-Jul-2019 31-Jul-2019 Kenya Tender For supply & delivery of office equipment, furnishings (curtains, carpets, shears & blinder fittings)
1343616190717 17-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 India / MADHYA PRADESH Tender For Fabrication and Manufacturing of Gun Metal Bush for Cutting and Shearing machine
1640118190717 17-Jul-2019 06-Aug-2019 China Tender For Ophthalmic ultrasound special diagnostic equipment and other equipment
1640218190717 17-Jul-2019 06-Aug-2019 China Tender For Liver function shear wave quantitative ultrasound diagnostic apparatus
1644118190717 17-Jul-2019 06-Aug-2019 China Tender For Vitreous ablation laser therapeutic apparatus
1668518190717 17-Jul-2019 30-Jul-2019 United States Tender For 2020-04 New Hydraulic Shear

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