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Tenders For sub station and transmission line

Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
26717200407 07-Apr-2020 27-Apr-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Supply of specialized equipment and software to the Laboratory of automated info processing systems. radiolocation equipped with software of the CRR-20 automated Danube II system
27417200407 07-Apr-2020 27-Apr-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Expansion of the city monitoring system in Lodz
33617200407 07-Apr-2020 24-Apr-2020 Poland PLN 1519161 Tender For Supply of gaseous fuel in the form of high-methane natural gas type E for Police facilities located in the Greater Poland Voivodeship
65317200407 07-Apr-2020 07-May-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Provision of telecommunications services in the mobile telephony network for the Border Guard
66517200407 07-Apr-2020 08-May-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Provision of radio signal broadcasting and audio signals, together with RDS signals of Polish Radio - Regional Radio Polish Radio Poznan S.A. in six tasks
74217200407 07-Apr-2020 06-May-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Develop a document. project for investment Connection to the transmission network at the disposal of OGP Gaz-System S.A., PSG Sp. z o.o. curtains. in gaseous fuel, together with authors supervision
80717200407 07-Apr-2020 07-May-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Supply of diesel oil for P.W. Transkom for a period of 12 months
84017200407 07-Apr-2020 07-May-2020 Poland EUR 476078 Tender For Delivery of one heavy chemical rescue car
90617200407 07-Apr-2020 12-May-2020 Poland Refer Document. Tender For Cleanliness services at the administrative facilities of the headquarters of the Gas Transmission Operator Gaz-System S.A. branch in Swierklany
121517200407 07-Apr-2020 16-Apr-2020 Netherlands Refer Document. Tender For Hosting, functional and technical (application) management, further development Central Register Exclusion Opportunity Games (CRUKS)
130817200407 07-Apr-2020 20-May-2020 Malaysia Refer Document. Tender For Supply, Delivery, Installation, and Commissioning of ADSS Fibre Optic Cable (With 25KV Anti-Tracking) for 275KV Substation to 275KV (Mambong to Matang 275KV Transmission Line)
142917200407 07-Apr-2020 07-May-2020 Ireland Refer Document. Tender For Control Room Operations
296217200407 07-Apr-2020 17-Apr-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh INR 198000 Tender For Attending of Oil Leakage/Seepage of 160 MVA Transformer EMCO Make installed at 220 KV sub station
297117200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 India / Uttar Pradesh INR 9840000 Tender For Annual operation and maintenance of 765KV S/C Unnao transmission line and 400KV S/C transmission line
312217200407 07-Apr-2020 13-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 305500 Tender For maintenance materials for transmission & distribution lines, 2020 -03 -42
317517200407 07-Apr-2020 28-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 4000000 Tender For supply and delivery of minibus/coaster
328017200407 07-Apr-2020 14-Apr-2020 Philippines PHP 378369 Tender For materials used for a new discharge line from new pumping station in maranding, kapatagan,
502817200407 07-Apr-2020 14-May-2020 United States Refer Document. Tender For Vocational Trades Expansion Phase II
526317200407 07-Apr-2020 08-Apr-2020 United States Refer Document. Tender For SANS TRAINING
562917200407 07-Apr-2020 30-Apr-2020 India / WEST BENGAL Refer Document. Tender For New Panel in Township Sub-Station

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