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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
104518200226 26-Feb-2020 17-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 2485785 supply and delivery of textbooks and references for cy 2020
98918200226 26-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 540000 procurement of various printed materials p.r. no. 136 - depw
97618200226 26-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 60973 printing, embroidery and sticker service of t -shirt and polo shirt to be distributed for one bauan task force at bauan,
95318200226 26-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 848323 procurement of 21 pcs. tarpaulin (8 ft. x 18 ft.) and other items. rebid
93118200226 26-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 113855 printing and publication
90618200226 26-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 148604 printing and publication
90218200226 26-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 204000 printing of pvao application forms
87318200226 26-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 40000 supply and delivery of production of vinyl stickers
222718200225 25-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 80000 publication of advertisement, legislative services office
208818200225 25-Feb-2020 05-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 430000 printing services
196618200225 25-Feb-2020 04-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 520000 procurement of accountable forms 51(or), 55d(cash ticket 2.00), 55e(cash ticket 5.00)"
188418200225 25-Feb-2020 17-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 1456500 supply, delivery & printing of various forms
179818200225 25-Feb-2020 02-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 65000 supply and delivery of various toner for fuji xerox docu print
156718200225 25-Feb-2020 03-Mar-2020 Philippines PHP 130000 printing services for local transport permit for issuance of permit in local trade transport of fisheries aquatic products in all station of fisheries inspection and quarantine services in caraga.
149718200225 25-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 320000 printing of tarpaulin
143818200225 25-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 44000 purchase and delivery office uniform and additional rescue uniform
139518200225 25-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 99840 purchase of pcw -prescribed t -shirt to be used during the national women s month celebration this march 2020
137818200225 25-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 127140 purchase of supplies for tarpaulin machine
133618200225 25-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 61600 toner for drrm equipment
131818200225 25-Feb-2020 28-Feb-2020 Philippines PHP 108000 radio program "kalamboan sa valencia" developmental news & activities from different agencies, etc. (apr -dec. 2020)
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