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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
263918190909 09-Sep-2019 01-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 2735000 supply and delivery of calendars
238218190909 09-Sep-2019 24-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 799995 printing of 1,596 copies of manuals for information education campaign materials.
212918190909 09-Sep-2019 24-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 727500 printing of 15,000 pieces of batangas health card brochure for distribution to volunteers and indi
202418190909 09-Sep-2019 24-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 1045050 purchase of 60 rolls of 6-panel color ribbon for card printer and 50 boxes of smart pvc card for u
178818190909 09-Sep-2019 30-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 1149625 supply and delivery of various materials for printing of bus a, bus b, and bus c to be used for bm
117618190909 09-Sep-2019 26-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 462864 purchase of office ink supplies
94318190909 09-Sep-2019 26-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 7999468 supply and delivery of books, maps and other publication for provision of project read reading mat
338218190907 07-Sep-2019 01-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 1945508 supply and delivery of consolidated ink cartridges
338118190907 07-Sep-2019 01-Oct-2019 Philippines PHP 1245461 supply and delivery of consolidated ink cartridges
252518190907 07-Sep-2019 25-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 2981155 printing of various supplies (notice of delivery - letter with logo)
250218190907 07-Sep-2019 25-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 4921770 purchase of plotter paper and inks for wide format printers
163918190907 07-Sep-2019 25-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 1176000 40,000 pcs printing of 2020 calendar size: 17"x 22"x 6 pages-full color
164218190906 06-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 275000 iec materials and printing forms
36318190905 05-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 1124000 printing and publication
31418190905 05-Sep-2019 25-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 5985400 purchase of books and instructional materials for public senior high school students in the city o
560218190904 04-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 270000 printing service
150618190904 04-Sep-2019 24-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 3005770 procurement of reference materials for the para aque city college
150218190904 04-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 7880 procurement of sf 10 & deped form 138 for jhs & shs
177818190903 03-Sep-2019 24-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 1518230 supply and delivery of printing forms / mimeo
982516190902 02-Sep-2019 23-Sep-2019 Philippines PHP 263680 supply and delivery of tarpaulin, balloons and t-shirts
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