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2007418140329 29-Mar-2014 United Kingdom Not Specified Foreign economic-aid-related services
2002218140328 28-Mar-2014 Czech Republic Not Specified Endangered species protection services
2001618140325 25-Mar-2014 India/ Punjab Not Specified PVR is planning 15 screens in Punjab. The company plans to add 4 screens in dist. Pathankot, 4 scre
2009518140325 25-Mar-2014 India/ West Bengal Not Specified Inox Leisure inaugurated the Inox Quest 6-screen multiplex at Quest Mall, dist. Kolkata, West Benga
2002118140324 24-Mar-2014 Belgium Not Specified Arts-facility operation services
2006118140324 24-Mar-2014 Spain Not Specified Signage
2005818140324 24-Mar-2014 Czech Republic Not Specified Permanent message signs
2006918140324 24-Mar-2014 Germany Not Specified Painting work of buildings
2005518140322 22-Mar-2014 United Kingdom Not Specified Foreign economic-aid-related services
2013018140320 20-Mar-2014 Czech Republic Not Specified Advertising and marketing services
2007518140319 19-Mar-2014 Spain Not Specified Advertising management services
2006518140314 14-Mar-2014 Czech Republic Not Specified Museum-exhibition services
2001318140312 12-Mar-2014 Czech Republic Not Specified Information and promotion products
2001218140312 12-Mar-2014 Czech Republic Not Specified Exhibition equipment
2001618140311 11-Mar-2014 India/ Punjab Not Specified PVR inaugurated a multiplex at North Country Mall, dist. Mohali, Punjab. The 9-screens multiplex in
2007018140310 10-Mar-2014 Czech Republic Not Specified Projectors
2006218140310 10-Mar-2014 Slovakia Not Specified Trailers
2004218140308 08-Mar-2014 Greece Not Specified Networking, Internet and intranet software development services
2012418140308 08-Mar-2014 Czech Republic Not Specified Motion picture and video services
2017118140307 07-Mar-2014 Bulgaria Not Specified Advertising services
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