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Welcome to Tender News

Are you seeking Global Tenders, bids /International Business to government Opportunities, export business ?

Tendernews website is the online portal for the GLOBAL tenders Business fraternity Doing Business worldwide in Europe America Africa Asia & Australia & looking for tenders/ subcontracts from worldwide government organisations, Tender funding Agencies.

Tender News is the most powerful and authoritative database of GLOBAL tenders & INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT BIDS Procurement TENDERS Contracts Awards , RFP, RFQ , & Tender Notices & Tender Awards compiled from sources like Newspapers, Trade journals & the Internet.

A Paid subscription to Tender news International gives you unrestricted tenders info of over 300,000 active Global Tenders & Bids documents, with between 15,000 to 20,000 new Tender Solicitations, RFQ & RFP Bids added daily. The service also sends you Daily Tender alerts, which inform you of the latest worldwide Tenders & bidding opportunities based on your keywords you specify. Tendernews website is an invaluable source of Business to government Intelligence, online govt. Procurement Bids & tendering information, for firms actively seeking new Tenders business and for smaller companies looking to subcontract from organizations which have already been successful in winning major Tender bids & contracts.

Why Subscribe?

Get the best Contracts

TenderNews International provides you with all the necessary tender Information you need to find, bid for and win the best contracts.

Most Cost-effective is a comprehensive all-inclusive service, there are no Hidden costs for searching, downloading documents or receiving tender alerts.

Do Not loose to competition

Do Not miss a new Tender opportunity again with the Tenders Alerting Service, which will inform you by email of the latest tendering opportunities, shall save you valuable time. You only need to concentrate on preparing the best bid proposal.

User friendly

Tender offers you a very intelligent & intuitive Search Engine to help you find the right tenders for your business quickly and easily.

Online CHAT to Help you

A customer support Executive is available online to help &answer any queries you may have about Tenders &Bids Opportunities. An Up to date Procurement tenders database with daily Tenders updating.