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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
197052190723 23-Jul-2019 16-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 3881000 repair of officer
195052190723 23-Jul-2019 13-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 1732500 construction of multi-purpose building
192052190723 23-Jul-2019 08-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 937320 repair/maintenance of drainage structure along road
191052190723 23-Jul-2019 12-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 13314797 construction of elementary and secondary classrooms
189052190723 23-Jul-2019 12-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 13159797 construction of school building
919316190722 22-Jul-2019 30-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 340000 105(1)subgrade preparation87.50cu.m201aggregate base course4.50sq.m311(1)cpccp87.50sq.m 105(1)subg
919216190722 22-Jul-2019 30-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 500000 105(1)subgrade preparation71.25sq.m 201aggregate base course4.00cu.m 311(1)cpccp71.50sq.m 103struc
919116190722 22-Jul-2019 13-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 850000 105(1)subgrade preparation76.25sq.m 311(1)cpccp76.25sq.m 105(1)subgrade preparation88.75sq.m 311(1
915616190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 160000 fabrication of basketball board fiberglass
914116190722 22-Jul-2019 12-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 27691942 construction of water system at demo farm- nangalisan- installation of sign board, structure excav
279318190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 169258 supply & delivery of labor & materials for the improvement of day care center at brgy. tanuan,
278318190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 299038 supply & delivery of labor & materials for the construction of canal lining with cover at brgy. am
277818190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 87355 supply & delivery of labor & materials for the repair & improvement of health center at brgy. tanu
277718190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 98987 labor and materials for the proposed electrical entrance upgrading of the city health office
273018190722 22-Jul-2019 12-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 1600500 completion of plant genetics resource center
272518190722 22-Jul-2019 25-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 65811 improvement of comfort room at the public market
272418190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 90000 rehabilitation of road at barangay hukay
272218190722 22-Jul-2019 07-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 4950000 local infrastructure program: contruction of multi-purpose building, brgy. talahib, daraga, albay
272118190722 22-Jul-2019 07-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 2475000 local infrastructure program: rehabilitation of multi-purpose building, brgy. sipi, daraga, albay
272018190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 400000 barangay road concreting in barangay botigues, bantayan, cebu
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