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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
360018190522 22-May-2019 30-May-2019 Philippines PHP 245000 construction of stairs, platform & pathway barangay 1, batangas city
359518190522 22-May-2019 29-May-2019 Philippines PHP 300000 construction of various infrastructure projects
358418190522 22-May-2019 29-May-2019 Philippines PHP 400000 rehabilitation of bridge at barangay balingit
358318190522 22-May-2019 30-May-2019 Philippines PHP 700000 construction of seawall wawa, batangas city
358218190522 22-May-2019 29-May-2019 Philippines PHP 450000 rehabilitation of deped main admin building comfort room
356318190522 22-May-2019 03-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 4000000 upgrading of cansumbol local access road (gravel to pccp)
356218190522 22-May-2019 13-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 1899994 removal of runway rubber deposits
355618190522 22-May-2019 03-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 2000000 concreting of campagao high barangay high school access road/school ground
355018190522 22-May-2019 11-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 1129794 contract for the supply of materials, labor, tools necessary for the land improvement of public ce
354618190522 22-May-2019 10-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 452217 proposed childrens playground, dental room & drainage repair ncdc bldg., mobo, masbate
354418190522 22-May-2019 14-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 94624463 upgrading of philsports track oval including presidential grandstand
354318190522 22-May-2019 24-May-2019 Philippines PHP 57210 procurement of different materials & labor services used for school building repair of tagbuaya el
353818190522 22-May-2019 05-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 278703 road concreting (77 in. m.)
353418190522 22-May-2019 14-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 499599826 rehabilitation and upgrading of psc philsports arena
353218190522 22-May-2019 05-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 100000 construction of 15.00m fence for primary school
353118190522 22-May-2019 14-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 329071809 rehabilitation of ninoy aquino stadium
352818190522 22-May-2019 14-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 132123274 rehabilitation and upgrading of memorial tennis center
350518190522 22-May-2019 13-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 3454365 renovation of maintenance office at diwa ng tarlac at brgy. san vicente, tarlac city (
349818190522 22-May-2019 13-Jun-2019 Philippines PHP 14998120 diwa ng tarlac interior renovation (phase 1) at brgy. san vicente, tarlac city (rebid) -
349218190522 22-May-2019 29-May-2019 Philippines PHP 249937 construction of open canal & culvert purok damayan 1 of barangay ibabang iyam, lucena city
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