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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
917916190722 22-Jul-2019 31-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 119750 1alcohol 500ml50bottle 2cotton5roll 3syringe 3cc5box 4urine strip5box 5sealing clay5pcs 6wbc dilut
917816190722 22-Jul-2019 31-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 50000 1pills916box 2condom200box
909816190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 81500 105pcsstyrobox, small 25setscrub suit set, top: v-neck, with 2 bottom pockets, with side slits, co
279818190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 179260 purchase of drugs and medicines for the city health office (cho) use, city of talisay
278418190722 22-Jul-2019 12-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 6273825 procurement of 1 lot various drugs and medicines for the 3rd quarter of 2019
275518190722 22-Jul-2019 12-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 150808 procurement of 1 lot dental and medical supplies for the 3rd quarter of 2019
275218190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 99156 procurement of medical supply for rhu used
273518190722 22-Jul-2019 08-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 238950 supply and delivery of various medicine for rhu-tago used
271518190722 22-Jul-2019 08-Aug-2019 Philippines PHP 242605 supply and delivery of various medical supplies for brgy. anahao daan, sumo-sumo and unaban health
271018190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 294000 specimen refrigerator
270818190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 25000 forceps
270618190722 22-Jul-2019 24-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 600000 lauryl tryptose broth, dehydrated, granulated
268518190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 209100 supply and delivery of medicines and testing unit under gad program
267618190722 22-Jul-2019 25-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 742757 purchase of drugs and medicines
264718190722 22-Jul-2019 29-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 535000 purchase of rabies vaccine
264518190722 22-Jul-2019 25-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 349440 purchase of drugs and medicine
263618190722 22-Jul-2019 31-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 94301 supply and delivery of drugs and medicine for third quarter
263418190722 22-Jul-2019 25-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 90000 supply of 300 pair eye glasses
262518190722 22-Jul-2019 25-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 149040 purchase of drugs and medicines
262418190722 22-Jul-2019 25-Jul-2019 Philippines PHP 470990 purchase of medical, dental and laboratory supplies
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