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506417200523 23-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 3017916 supply and delivery of various studio equipment (re -bid) View Tender Detail
502417200523 23-May-2020 29-May-2020 Philippines PHP 510000 supply and delivery of electrodes (ac -dc), 12 kilos View Tender Detail
498117200523 23-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 3732000 supply, delivery, installation and configuration of various ict equipment and computer software in support to operations and research division View Tender Detail
493517200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 50000 supply and delivery of one (1) branded lcd projector View Tender Detail
490717200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 500000 repair and maintenance of airconditioning units View Tender Detail
484617200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 118500 procurement of electrical materials for repair and maintenance of streetlights and public buildings View Tender Detail
482417200523 23-May-2020 02-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 1390435 supply & delivery of cctv camera mayor`s office, , View Tender Detail
479717200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 342539 transmission pipelines View Tender Detail
479617200523 23-May-2020 03-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 65135 purchase of kilowatt hour meter & meter base, electrical & other various materials for installation of transformer to increase electric power supply View Tender Detail
477217200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 437106 supply and delivery of airconditioning materials to be used for the repair and maintenance of airconditioning units for the year 2020 in the city of , subject to ordering agreemen View Tender Detail
475417200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 422400 one lot preventive maintenance of variable refrigerant volume at bldg. d View Tender Detail
470917200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 58050 supply and delivery of aircon View Tender Detail
470517200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 257239 supply & delivery of electrical supplies for the installation of electrical tansmission line for water system at pawas, balisong & mahayahay cabayangan View Tender Detail
468417200523 23-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 1247850 procurement of electrical supplies View Tender Detail
466217200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 170990 supply, delivery & installation of 2 sets 2.5hp aircon - governor`s office View Tender Detail
456517200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 131685 procurement of dietary supplies View Tender Detail
453617200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 122350 purchase of electrical materials of maranding water system View Tender Detail
449417200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 53399 audio -visual equipment - studio para sa bata View Tender Detail
448817200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 96000 procurement on supply and delivery of appliances View Tender Detail
445217200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 5000 starter kit to be used on food production for hh level through webinar/live stream/voice over on urban agriculture with extension support (batch 1 -urban gardening) on april -may 2020 in region 10. View Tender Detail
444917200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 160000 procurement of appliances for the phil. carabao center View Tender Detail
443017200523 23-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 500000 inatallation of complete cctv lines with internet of magsaysay, View Tender Detail
441817200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 108000 supply and delivery of airconditioning unit View Tender Detail
438317200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 250005 supply and delivery of airconditioning unit for pgo View Tender Detail
434317200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 390317 procurement on supply and delivery of various appliances View Tender Detail
432617200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 200000 procurement on the supply and delivery of electronic equipment View Tender Detail
431917200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 100000 procurement of industrial wall fan for college gymnasium - campus View Tender Detail
425717200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 78000 supply and delivery of 4 unit air conditioner View Tender Detail
420617200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 191795 purchase of various office equipment for different schools View Tender Detail
418517200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 130345 pv systems servicing supplies and materials View Tender Detail
416317200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 543980 supply and delivery of electrical materials for the year 2020 to be used for the repair and maintenance of government buildings in the city of , subject to ordering agreement View Tender Detail
413817200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 75000 quarterly preventive maintenance for air -conditioning units of water district View Tender Detail
413517200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 75000 air conditioner for use at ldrrmo View Tender Detail
413217200523 23-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 53200 cleaning of forty (43) units airconditioning system View Tender Detail
410017200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 503000 air -conditioning unit floor mounted 6 hp 3 - w/ warranty for installation of air -conditioning units and standby generator set at city engineer s office, lo -oc, dumaguete city. View Tender Detail
406217200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 73800 supply and delivery of electrical materials for the installation of generator set at dormitory View Tender Detail
400817200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 1500000 purchase of led wall (outdoor full color display) View Tender Detail
399117200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 250000 procurement of property and supply management system for sultank kudarat water district View Tender Detail
389917200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 52500 supply and delivery of airconditioning units for sabnacohis jhs View Tender Detail
387417200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 75000 supply and installation of 1.5hp wall -mounted inverter aircon to be used in the office of the building official of bauan, View Tender Detail
383917200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 59945 electrical supplies for school`s use View Tender Detail
381517200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 250000 installation of cctv View Tender Detail
381117200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 83000 aircondition View Tender Detail
377917200523 23-May-2020 29-May-2020 Philippines PHP 71798 purchase of various electrical supplies to be used for the service entrance at rhu molave View Tender Detail
369917200523 23-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 3655000 design & build conversion of wireless network cctv to fiber optic network for real time monitoring View Tender Detail
366017200523 23-May-2020 09-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 2650000 installation of led information media wall View Tender Detail
362817200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 329834 puchase of one (1) unit inverter split type air condition View Tender Detail
361817200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 180000 upright beverage cooler/chiller View Tender Detail
358017200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 60000 electrical equipment and appliances View Tender Detail
356617200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 500000 procurement of stand type automatic 60 liters autoclave for nicer 4 project View Tender Detail
354917200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 180000 procurement of pressure cooker 21.5 quarts for nicer 4 project use View Tender Detail
353517200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 55000 procurement of chest freezer for nicer project 4 use View Tender Detail
351717200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 135000 purchase of air -conditioning units for supplies inventory View Tender Detail
350217200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 200000 appliances (water dispenser, solid top chest freezer, refrigirator) for the use of cdrrmo View Tender Detail
349217200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 61500 delivery of tv, oven and hdd View Tender Detail
340417200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 160000 supply/delivery of airconditioner for supply office View Tender Detail
336317200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 198278 purchase of various electrical materials View Tender Detail
334717200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 986391 supply/delivery of traffic services materials (traffic paint) for use in the repair/maintenance of national roads within 2nd district engineering district office, koronadal View Tender Detail
332217200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 670500 sdo conference hall, sds office and asds office View Tender Detail
330217200523 23-May-2020 29-May-2020 Philippines PHP 1700000 installation of airconditioning unit equipment (legislative building) View Tender Detail
326917200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 69415 supply/delivery of electrical and plumbing materials for use in the maintenance of electrical and plumbing system of - 2nd district engineering office, , so View Tender Detail
321917200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 284000 flat screen tv (02 -0165) ccah View Tender Detail
321617200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 90000 procurement of one (1) unit of floor -mounted acu View Tender Detail
321117200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 65921 supply and delivery of 2 pieces power supply 50 amps 13.8 volts View Tender Detail
320717200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 378228 supply and delivery of 60 mtrs. copper wire, 22m2 View Tender Detail
317617200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 964800 one (1) lot supply of labor, tools, materials, chemicals and equipment for the two (2) years preventive maintenance of air conditioning units (acus) and components at landbank branches View Tender Detail
309917200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 123000 purchase of 2 pcs aircondition unit with installation View Tender Detail
308017200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 21671 replacement of defective spare parts View Tender Detail
307417200523 23-May-2020 29-May-2020 Philippines PHP 95000 supply and delivery of one (1) unit air conditioner to be used in the office of the municipal mayor View Tender Detail
302617200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 284500 purchase of office equipment for gso,pnp and mayor`s office View Tender Detail
301917200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 201000 supply of labor, tools, materials and technical supervision for the general cleaning and repair of aircondition units. View Tender Detail
299617200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 60000 audio -video equipment View Tender Detail
297717200523 23-May-2020 08-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 200000 installation of street light(solar) View Tender Detail
296117200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 80000 (various electrical supplies) View Tender Detail
295917200523 23-May-2020 29-May-2020 Philippines PHP 414891 procurement and installation of ip based cctv camera for security of sdo i View Tender Detail
295617200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 280000 (supply, delivery and installation of bullet type camera; etc.) View Tender Detail
292517200523 23-May-2020 27-May-2020 Philippines PHP 200000 3 audio -video equipment View Tender Detail
287917200523 23-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 1800000 supply, delivery and installation of early warning system View Tender Detail
286017200523 23-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 80000 purchase office equipment to be used in the district engineer`s office, , 2nd district engineering office, binalbagan, . View Tender Detail
285317200523 23-May-2020 11-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 204375 procurement of goose neck with bulb(327 units) View Tender Detail
281517200523 23-May-2020 29-May-2020 Philippines PHP 216000 supply and delivery of electrical spare parts for 1x80kw cummins genset model no. 6btaa5.9 -g2 engine no. 78258016 of mongpong dpp View Tender Detail
279617200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 52000 procurement of flat screen tv (40 inches with complete accessories w/ cable) View Tender Detail
275917200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 54000 microphone, speaker,etc View Tender Detail
275417200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 29690 procurement of various electrical supplies use in the rehabilitation of electrical facilities of the lgu pi an, z.n. View Tender Detail
273417200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 74048 supply & delivery of electrical supplies(legislative building) View Tender Detail
272717200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 148161 purchase of semi expendable equipment and materials View Tender Detail
272317200523 23-May-2020 10-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 1977468 installation of lights and souns system (one job) - construction of gym phase xii, , View Tender Detail
269017200523 23-May-2020 29-May-2020 Philippines PHP 95160 procurement of various electrical supplies and materials for instructional use for copc compliance - View Tender Detail
268917200523 23-May-2020 29-May-2020 Philippines PHP 498400 relay 24vdc coil & 2 other items View Tender Detail
265317200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 80000 procurement of airconditioning units for pcc at mmsu View Tender Detail
263017200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 576789 purchase of four(4) units air conditioner inverter 3 tonner for use of conference rooms and library of provincial office at afbville, cabangan, camalig, View Tender Detail
261217200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 360950 lectrical materials for the repair & maintenance of streetlights city street & national highway, tacurong city View Tender Detail
259217200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 76000 procurement of electronic parts and components View Tender Detail
249817200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 351264 procurement of electrical supply & materials - nipsc lemery campus campus View Tender Detail
244217200523 23-May-2020 28-May-2020 Philippines PHP 211450 electronic supplies for pgo conference room View Tender Detail
241717200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 171200 supply, delivery and installation of transformer View Tender Detail
237117200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 423500 supply and delivery of aircon View Tender Detail
229117200523 23-May-2020 25-May-2020 Philippines PHP 307315 procurement of electrical and hardware materials for 2nd quarter cy 2020 View Tender Detail
225417200523 23-May-2020 01-Jun-2020 Philippines PHP 103075 procurement of electrical supplies - gso (repair & maintenance of municipal buildings & facilities) View Tender Detail
221117200523 23-May-2020 26-May-2020 Philippines PHP 92500 procurement of quarterly cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning units (cy 2020) View Tender Detail

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