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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Location Value Short Description
1481318191207 07-Dec-2019 12-Dec-2019 India/ MADHYA PRADESH INR 2448204 construction of combined building for administrative block quarter guard and quarter master store
1472418191207 07-Dec-2019 13-Dec-2019 India/ HARYANA INR 25415373 construction of central university sh 1 construction of internal roads from t iv staff qtrs to gh
1472318191207 07-Dec-2019 13-Dec-2019 India/ GUJARAT INR 664998 1. renovation of recreation room and library s.h- providing computer points, led based light fitti
1472218191207 07-Dec-2019 13-Dec-2019 India/ UTTARANCHAL INR 1189945 replacing the existing damaged aluminium conductor wiring with copper conductor wiring
1472118191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ TELANGANA INR 2383491 providing day to day services like data entry operator service, staad pro operator service, autoca
1472018191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ KERALA Refer Document. modification works to fssai kochi regional office . sh. pdg refrigerator at fssai, w/island, kochi
1471918191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ MADHYA PRADESH INR 6496380 construction of patrolling path alongwith outer perimeter wall for security drive
1471818191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ GUJARAT INR 303435 construction of office building g plus 4 for central excise commissionerate surat-ii sh- sitc of c
1471718191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ TAMIL NADU INR 709983 ar and mo to office building of central excise campus
1471618191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ KERALA Refer Document. operation and maintenance of 475kld stp installed for 500students boys hostel
1471518191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ KERALA INR 1440000 engagement of consultant for obtaining final environmental clearance from state level environment
1471418191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ KERALA Refer Document. amr of 150kld stp for 500rooms girls hostel at nit calicut.
1471318191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ Andhra Pradesh INR 285397 c/o it services building for providing int ei and fans sub work providing data and telepho
1471218191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ MADHYA PRADESH INR 525860 recarpeting of internal roads of residential campus . sh balance work
1471118191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ ANDHRA PRADESH INR 821887 ar and mo to non residential buildings for administrative office for gsi
1471018191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ UTTAR PRADESH INR 226267 construction of sos mess including internal electrical installation and fans for 18th bn itbp alla
1470918191207 07-Dec-2019 11-Dec-2019 India/ MADHYA PRADESH INR 555886 co training block for signal training school sh- repair of plaster in quarter guard and m.t. compl
1470818191207 07-Dec-2019 10-Dec-2019 India/ KERALA Refer Document. setting up of transit campus for iit, testing and commissioning of 1 no 40 k
1470718191207 07-Dec-2019 10-Dec-2019 India/ UTTAR PRADESH INR 94352 ar and mo non-residential building of income tax muzaffar nagar 2019-20.
1470618191207 07-Dec-2019 10-Dec-2019 India/ UTTAR PRADESH INR 12826101 construction of sewerage treatment plant of capacity 50 kld and modification of existing sewerage
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