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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1358416190524 24-May-2019 06-Jun-2019 Refer Document. supply of wind speed and direction sensor temperature sensor barometric pressure sensors
1351316190524 24-May-2019 27-Jun-2019 Refer Document. 4 laning of channarayanpatna bypass from km 140 449 to km 149 596 and providing grade separator st
1351216190524 24-May-2019 27-Jun-2019 Refer Document. lanning of hassan bypass from km 175 935 to km 185 684 and providing grade separator, structures,
1340716190524 24-May-2019 31-May-2019 Refer Document. steel tables
1340616190524 24-May-2019 31-May-2019 Refer Document. steel tables
1335916190524 24-May-2019 30-May-2019 Refer Document. multifunction machines mfm
1331516190524 24-May-2019 29-May-2019 Refer Document. oem cartridge/ consumable
1327716190524 24-May-2019 31-May-2019 Refer Document. ambulances
1327616190524 24-May-2019 29-May-2019 Refer Document. desktop computers
1326516190524 24-May-2019 30-May-2019 Refer Document. plotter printers
1326116190524 24-May-2019 03-Jun-2019 Refer Document. calipers
1324316190524 24-May-2019 31-May-2019 Refer Document. online ups
1305916190524 24-May-2019 30-May-2019 Refer Document. labels stickers
1305816190524 24-May-2019 29-May-2019 Refer Document. hot and cold air conditioners
1305716190524 24-May-2019 29-May-2019 Refer Document. televisions
1305616190524 24-May-2019 29-May-2019 Refer Document. domestic blenders / dough kneader
1305516190524 24-May-2019 29-May-2019 Refer Document. online ups
1305416190524 24-May-2019 31-May-2019 Refer Document. hand held search light
1298916190524 24-May-2019 30-May-2019 Refer Document. laptop-notebook
1298816190524 24-May-2019 30-May-2019 Refer Document. 4.2 m rubberised inflatable boat (rescue boats)
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