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2000918190104 04-Jan-2019 India/ Uttar Pradesh INR 1740 Million Expansion Of Sugar Plant And Co-gen Power Plant In Dist. Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh
2001718190103 03-Jan-2019 India/ Kerala INR 32.8 Million Copra Processing Plant In Dist. Kollam, Kerala
2004018190103 03-Jan-2019 India/ Gujarat INR 800 Million Molasses/grain-based Distillery In Dist. Kutch, Gujarat
2004618181231 31-Dec-2018 India/ Andhra Pradesh INR 140-200 Million Prawn Processing Unit In Dist. West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh
2004218181231 31-Dec-2018 India/ Maharashtra Not Specified Namkeens And Snacks Unit In Dist. Nagpur, Maharashtra
2002618181231 31-Dec-2018 India/ Bihar INR 682.2 Million Expansion Of Molasses-Based Distillery And Captive Power Plant In Dist. West Champaran, Bihar
2002418181231 31-Dec-2018 India/ Gujarat INR 400 Million Expansion Of Distillery In Dist. Surat, Gujarat
2003018181231 31-Dec-2018 India/ Uttar Pradesh INR 516.4 Million Expansion Of Sugar Manufacturing Unit In Dist. Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh
2002718181231 31-Dec-2018 India/ Karnataka INR 2010 Million Expansion Of Molasses-based Distillery And Power Plant In Dist. Bagalkot, Karnataka
2002818181231 31-Dec-2018 India/ Uttar Pradesh INR 991.5 Million Expansion Of Molasses-based Distillery & New Co-generation Power Plant In Dist. Bareilly, Uttar Pra
2000618181231 31-Dec-2018 India/ Bihar Not Specified Bakery Products Unit In Dist. Patna, Bihar
2001618181228 28-Dec-2018 India/ Uttaranchal INR 500 Million Grain-Based Distillery And Co-Gen Power Plant In Dist. Haridwar, Uttarakhand
2002118181228 28-Dec-2018 India/ Telangana INR 250 Million Milk Processing Unit In Dist. Nalgonda, Telangana Under 2-phase
2001018181228 28-Dec-2018 India/ Maharashtra Not Specified Expansion Of Molasses/Cane Juice-based Distillery Unit In Dist. Kolhapur, Maharashtra
2002318181228 28-Dec-2018 India/ Karnataka INR 660 Million Molasses-Based Distillery In Dist. Kalaburagi, Karnataka
2002318181227 27-Dec-2018 India/ Uttar Pradesh Not Specified Potato Chips Unit In Dist. Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh
2002018181227 27-Dec-2018 India/ Uttaranchal INR 650 Million Molasses-Based Distillery And Co-gen Power Plant In Dist. Haridwar, Uttarakhand
2001918181227 27-Dec-2018 India/ West Bengal INR 1500 Million `Keventer Milk` Ultra High Temperature (UHT) Milk Processing Plant In Dist. North 24 Parganas, West
2000218181227 27-Dec-2018 India/ Chhattisgarh Not Specified Biscuits Manufacturing Unit In Dist. Raipur, Chattisgarh
2001518181226 26-Dec-2018 India/ Punjab INR 1700 Million Expansion Of Sugar Plant In Dist. Hoshiarpur, Punjab
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