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1636016170522 22-May-2017 20-Jun-2017 quotation are invited from the bonafied caterers/hoteliers for the year 2017-18 possesing valid fo
1635916170522 22-May-2017 24-May-2017 a/r & m/o t (h) at kamorta under e sub-division, cd, kamorta, a during 2017-18. sub work : calibra
1635816170522 22-May-2017 14-Jun-2017 watch & ward duty & security services
1635716170522 22-May-2017 15-Jun-2017 construction of prayer hall/open shed for govt. sr. sec. school, sabari.
1635616170522 22-May-2017 12-Jun-2017 supply of 02 nos. 3 seater water crafts cum water scooter
1635416170522 22-May-2017 29-May-2017 sitc of split type split air conditioners in the manager chamber, establishment and account sectio
1635316170522 22-May-2017 15-Jun-2017 construction of security type compound wall for sabari filter bed.
1635216170522 22-May-2017 15-Jun-2017 minor repair of old building of gsss, bakultala.
1635116170522 22-May-2017 28-Jun-2017 supply and installation of cctv camera with other accessories of a fire service
1635016170522 22-May-2017 02-Jun-2017 re-tender notice for street light annual maintenance contract under gram panchayat urmilapur.
1634916170522 22-May-2017 05-Jun-2017 annual maintenance contract of street light
1634816170522 22-May-2017 12-Jun-2017 supply of tonner & cartridges
1634716170522 22-May-2017 12-Jun-2017 supply of stationery items
1634616170522 22-May-2017 16-Jun-2017 annual maintenance contract of street lights at all wards of gram panchayat shivapuram.
1634516170522 22-May-2017 15-Jun-2017 replacement of all old rusted/damaged pipe lines at kataidera ward no. 4 & 3, kadamtala.
1634416170522 22-May-2017 15-Jun-2017 improvement of approach road from nh (atr) to treatment plant, bakultala under sd-ii, cd-i, rangat
1634316170522 22-May-2017 29-May-2017 sitc of split type high wall air conditioner in the public counter at the office of the chief regi
1634216170522 22-May-2017 16-Jun-2017 quotation for truss(supply, fabrication & erection of m.s truss along with painting), m.s window g
1634116170522 22-May-2017 09-Jun-2017 construction of new road one side drain and culvert work from kaju basthi gurunath house to cyril
1634016170522 22-May-2017 30-May-2017 repair of quarter no. pl-30 and 32 at police line under police line section -ii, sd-ii, pbsd, a, p
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