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1094918160206 06-Feb-2016 24-Feb-2016 outsourcing the day to day maintenance and allied jobs like masonry and carpentry works at zone-i,
1094818160206 06-Feb-2016 24-Feb-2016 contract for providing private security persons for chowkies job at drill sites, camp office bhpl
1094718160206 06-Feb-2016 23-Feb-2016 renovation of existing gardens in childrens park, old head office s.c.womens college, kgm corporat
1094618160206 06-Feb-2016 22-Feb-2016 maintenance of parks gardens in corporate area during 2016-17
1094518160206 06-Feb-2016 22-Feb-2016 development of greenery and renovation of existing garden in main hospital, kgm corporate during 2
1094418160206 06-Feb-2016 22-Feb-2016 maintenance of greenery in bungalows area and maintenance of cmd camp office and directors bungalo
1094318160206 06-Feb-2016 20-Feb-2016 maintenance of parks gardens in kothagudem area during 2016-17
1094218160206 06-Feb-2016 11-Feb-2016 quotations for hiring of latest model toyota etios vehicles - 2 nos for general pool office for 3
1094118160206 06-Feb-2016 11-Feb-2016 out sourcing of repair of shovel buckets at khairagura ocp, bellampalli area reg
1094018160206 06-Feb-2016 11-Feb-2016 procurement of liquid cork and instant repair compound for oc mines of bellampalli area
1093918160206 06-Feb-2016 11-Feb-2016 annual maintenance contract for air conditioners of feeder breakers for khairagura ocp & dorli opc
1048918160206 06-Feb-2016 25-Feb-2016 additions/alterations to building no. t-143 (transmitter building) and provision of hydrogen shed
1048818160206 06-Feb-2016 25-Feb-2016 additions/alterations to x-ray room at air force station
1048718160206 06-Feb-2016 25-Feb-2016 provision of chemical earth pits and normal earth pits at various locations at air force station
1048618160206 06-Feb-2016 25-Feb-2016 special rep to bldg no p 198 and p 314 at cnai provn of tiling in otm bldg at 1n det as and as for
967718160206 06-Feb-2016 15-Feb-2016 door curtain vertical blyendis of size 7x3 1/2 fire proof with fitting
967618160206 06-Feb-2016 15-Feb-2016 set of door mats different types coir and table cloth muck mole door mats coir size 4x2 2nos. , 3x
935318160206 06-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 three phase isi marked energy meter 10-60a, model no: tppl 1510000000oc00 of hpl or equivalent in
935218160206 06-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 split air condition with rotary compressor r22 refrigerant nominal cooling capacity kcal/hr in kw
935118160206 06-Feb-2016 16-Feb-2016 supply of driver for 18 w 12 v dc led street light to work on 12 volts dc power supply similar to
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