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829618141127 27-Nov-2014 10-Dec-2014 internal painting to walls and doors & windows at type v quarter at site b of the academy tenders
829518141127 27-Nov-2014 05-Dec-2014 tenders for supply and installation of exhaust fans system in the kitchen room of 140 senior offic tenders
829418141127 27-Nov-2014 05-Dec-2014 tenders for construct of 02 room with attached kitchen bath at 28 room servant quarters area at si tenders
825918141127 27-Nov-2014 05-Dec-2014 air conditioning, fire fighting false ceiling and wall paneling to convention centre building, and tenders
823618141127 27-Nov-2014 05-Dec-2014 repairing and servicing of 7tr package ac units and other connected works at msc wll te building tenders
823118141127 27-Nov-2014 05-Dec-2014 computarised automatic walk in chamber for environment test tenders
820718141127 27-Nov-2014 27-Nov-2014 supply of steel wire rope slings mdn/pur/04/swrs/eadvt/054/14-15 1.corrigendum corrigendum
804618141127 27-Nov-2014 28-Nov-2014 replacement of fibre damaged cable and accessories during cyclone at aob and ss-i near fishing har tenders
803117141127 27-Nov-2014 02-Dec-2014 emergent repairs to road from km 40/0 to 53/405 in guntur district. tenders
803017141127 27-Nov-2014 04-Dec-2014 construction of room tenders
802917141127 27-Nov-2014 04-Dec-2014 construction of room tenders
802817141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 providing r.c.c. culvert tenders
802717141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 providing culvert & 230mm size c.c. drain tenders
802617141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 providing 230mm c.c. drain tenders
802517141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 providing two c.c. culvert tenders
802417141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 providing c.c. patch works tenders
802317141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 providing c.c. road tenders
802217141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 maintenance & repairs of c.c. road patches tenders
802117141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 providing r.c.c. culvert tenders
802017141127 27-Nov-2014 11-Dec-2014 providing r.c.c. culvert tenders
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