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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
817018141030 30-Oct-2014 01-Nov-2014 expression of interest for trenching, layingof hdpe duct, blowing of ofc cable and installation of tenders
802018141030 30-Oct-2014 13-Nov-2014 notification for filling of the vacant stalls/open spaces at the bus stations of region. tenders
773516141030 30-Oct-2014 03-Nov-2014 road from s.d.road at 19/0 km to dist.(balance work) tenders
773416141030 30-Oct-2014 03-Nov-2014 construction of bridge @ 0/790 km on road from 12/8 r & b road to g.t.peta in tenders
773216141030 30-Oct-2014 11-Nov-2014 construction of high level bridge at km 8/2 of varadaiahpalem-santhavellur in chittoor district tenders
773016141030 30-Oct-2014 01-Nov-2014 urgent repairs to intensive patch work (surface damages) from km 3/4 to 7/8 of kowthalam hotcholi tenders
772916141030 30-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 annual maintenance of canals and distributories of araniar project in pichatur v & m of chittoor d tenders
772816141030 30-Oct-2014 12-Nov-2014 providing cc road & construction of cc drain from to a. krishnaveni ho tenders
772716141030 30-Oct-2014 12-Nov-2014 providing c.c pavement & construction of c.c drain (1) at karumanchi johnson house in christinapet tenders
772616141030 30-Oct-2014 12-Nov-2014 providing c.c pavement to the east side road near burrieal ground in nandagamma donka from :4 tenders
772516141030 30-Oct-2014 12-Nov-2014 providing cc road & construction of cc drain from elec.pole no.013321000 to north side of hindu bu tenders
772416141030 30-Oct-2014 05-Nov-2014 construction of compound wall and cc pavement around to public latrines near maremma temple road a tenders
772316141030 30-Oct-2014 05-Nov-2014 providing of 100 mm sluice valves for water supply improvement at municipality under general funds tenders
772216141030 30-Oct-2014 05-Nov-2014 supply and delivery of di air valve at municipality under general funds 2014-15 supply and deliver tenders
772116141030 30-Oct-2014 05-Nov-2014 providing of 100 mm dia pipeline under the command area of tgl colony elsr in tgl colony to d3/163 tenders
772016141030 30-Oct-2014 05-Nov-2014 providing of 150 mm dia ac pressure pipeline at pole no.d1/33/16 to d1/55/1a to 24/250 tenders
771916141030 30-Oct-2014 05-Nov-2014 repairs to old municipal council hall and old engineering section in municipal office premises in tenders
771816141030 30-Oct-2014 05-Nov-2014 providing of wbm road from old pump house gate to old raw water pump house at ss tank in adoni mun tenders
771616141030 30-Oct-2014 03-Nov-2014 repairs to the damaged floorings and other civil works in various types of quarters of security co tenders
770616141030 30-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 providing 110mm dia hdpe pipe line in colony door no.54-10-21 to 54-9-9/4 in 2nd division tenders
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