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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1403616170821 21-Aug-2017 23-Aug-2017 for appointment of agency/service provider to conduct e-auctions for selling of its byproducts and
1403516170821 21-Aug-2017 16-Sep-2017 supply and application of refractories for steel ladle for sms-i
1403416170821 21-Aug-2017 11-Sep-2017 tender for procurement of calcined dolomite 3000t
1403316170821 21-Aug-2017 08-Sep-2017 2200 tons of hc ferro chrome (50-100mm size)
1403216170821 21-Aug-2017 01-Sep-2017 for che. water treatment for sms-2 systems
1403116170821 21-Aug-2017 21-Sep-2017 unloading shifting of bf coke from railway wagons.
1403016170821 21-Aug-2017 19-Sep-2017 mechanical maintenance of equipment in converter shop, hmdp, lp bay , scrap yard and slag yard in
1402916170821 21-Aug-2017 12-Sep-2017 mechanical maintenance of gcp equipments n sms#2 and manpowerassistance to mechanical planning sec
1402816170821 21-Aug-2017 09-Sep-2017 online lancing jobs as per part-a and assistance for equipment handling as
1402716170821 21-Aug-2017 05-Sep-2017 repair/replacement of hydraulic and lubrication pipelines in ccd
1402616170821 21-Aug-2017 26-Aug-2017 co no.2600001126 - technological assistance in coal chemical plant (part-1)
1402516170821 21-Aug-2017 26-Aug-2017 riveting of laminated hooks in sss/es&f
1384516170821 21-Aug-2017 07-Sep-2017 additions and alterations to building no p 20 at naval dockyard provision of covered parking shed
1384416170821 21-Aug-2017 11-Sep-2017 repairs/replacement of street lights at certain locations at air force station
1384316170821 21-Aug-2017 11-Sep-2017 repairs/maintenance of external water supply pipe lines at various locations at air force station
1384216170821 21-Aug-2017 11-Sep-2017 repairs to joinery, partitions and cupboards of certain buildings of domestic and technical area a
1328716170821 21-Aug-2017 11-Sep-2017 to carry out job work in departmental tiffin room
1328616170821 21-Aug-2017 04-Sep-2017 comprehensive annual maintenance of hydraulics material handling equipment and jumbo trucks
1328516170821 21-Aug-2017 14-Sep-2017 hiring of services of two cooks and one barber coy, dsc of nad(v) for a period of 01 year
1328416170821 21-Aug-2017 25-Aug-2017 propulsion system spares of x-fac class ships
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