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2020316160723 23-Jul-2016 25-Jul-2016 annual maintenance contract for 02 nos fire engine sets and 03 nos dg sets at terminal
1790516160723 23-Jul-2016 06-Aug-2016 repairs, improvements of lt power factor system at nstl under age indep rnd
1775516160723 23-Jul-2016 11-Aug-2016 desktop system specifications
1727016160723 23-Jul-2016 18-Aug-2016 upkeep and general services in visakha steel general hospital and its ancillary units
1717916160723 23-Jul-2016 30-Jul-2016 operation and maintenance activities of tp 03
1717816160723 23-Jul-2016 11-Aug-2016 installation of hydrophore system for fresh water supply onboard-ins khukri
1707916160723 23-Jul-2016 25-Jul-2016 supply of chicken broiler alive
1707316160723 23-Jul-2016 25-Jul-2016 supply of aerated water
1700016160723 23-Jul-2016 28-Jul-2016 providing illumination to main gate, arches, status of acharya nagarjuna and front lawn area
1692916160723 23-Jul-2016 19-Aug-2016 procurement of grinding ballsfor8.5e10 mills, st-i
1692816160723 23-Jul-2016 19-Aug-2016 procurement of grinding rings for 8.5e10 mill, st-i
1691616160723 23-Jul-2016 25-Aug-2016 retrofitting and supply of numerical relays for 6.6kv unit switchgears and station switchgears as
1557416160723 23-Jul-2016 08-Aug-2016 lot no: 3 lot name: brake shoes/engine pistons
1557316160723 23-Jul-2016 08-Aug-2016 lot no: 2 lot name: wall fans/fridge/washing machine
1557216160723 23-Jul-2016 03-Aug-2016 lot no: 01 pcb grp :[used spent/burnt oil/used lube oil/used engine oil] lot name: unserviceable s
1518016160723 23-Jul-2016 28-Jul-2016 supply of vfd for 55 kw induction motorvisakh refiner
1517816160723 23-Jul-2016 01-Aug-2016 biennial service order for carrying out condition monitoring activities for the rotating equipmen
1517616160723 23-Jul-2016 25-Jul-2016 sludge pond,providing and laying wmm, providing and laying tackcoat, providing and laying bitu mac
1517516160723 23-Jul-2016 28-Jul-2016 procurement and supply of tank level work
640052160723 23-Jul-2016 06-Aug-2016 annual requirement of stationery items
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