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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Value Short Description
1137216181112 12-Nov-2018 14-Nov-2018 Refer Document. printer
1137116181112 12-Nov-2018 16-Nov-2018 Refer Document. potable water purification system
1136516181112 12-Nov-2018 24-Nov-2018 Refer Document. automotive vehicles pneumatic tyres
1135716181112 12-Nov-2018 13-Nov-2018 Refer Document. light emitting diode led fixture- led tube light
1135116181112 12-Nov-2018 13-Nov-2018 Refer Document. led lamps- bulb
1131116181112 12-Nov-2018 13-Nov-2018 Refer Document. light emitting diode led fixture- led tube light
1125316181112 12-Nov-2018 19-Nov-2018 Refer Document. heated display cases-hot case
1124816181112 12-Nov-2018 19-Nov-2018 Refer Document. domestic casserole dish or pan
1124716181112 12-Nov-2018 14-Nov-2018 Refer Document. telegraph paper or teleprinter paper page roll
1073416181112 12-Nov-2018 19-Nov-2018 INR 580000 amc for super critical rockwell make vfds for id and fd fan motors at hgu at iocl, guwahati refine
1072816181112 12-Nov-2018 28-Nov-2018 INR 4720908 overhauling of stg and off gas compressor at iocl, bgr
1072516181112 12-Nov-2018 20-Nov-2018 INR 4069132 construction of additional attached type toilets in ct type quarters of bgr ( phase-i )
1072016181112 12-Nov-2018 12-Nov-2018 INR 319186 water flow survey at guwahati refinery.
1071416181112 12-Nov-2018 28-Nov-2018 INR 24322920 rate contract for overhauling of columns and vessels
1060816181112 12-Nov-2018 12-Nov-2018 Refer Document. supply of instrumentation limited make valve spares.
1060716181112 12-Nov-2018 15-Nov-2018 Refer Document. switchboard-hv (indoor) with vcb breaker
1060616181112 12-Nov-2018 19-Nov-2018 Refer Document. supply of studs.
1060516181112 12-Nov-2018 20-Nov-2018 Refer Document. supply of neoprene rubber sheet.
1047916181112 12-Nov-2018 06-Nov-2018 Refer Document. colistin 2 mu inj.
1047816181112 12-Nov-2018 26-Nov-2018 Refer Document. provision of epoxy flooring of toilets, supply and fixing vinyl graphics in the interior of toilet
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