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946618150526 26-May-2015 05-Jun-2015 for annual maintenance contract for pressure safety valves installed in bcpl, lepetkata, duliajan Share
900618150526 26-May-2015 11-Jun-2015 annual maintenance contract for cutting and clearing of grass in operational area at silchar airpo Share
899518150526 26-May-2015 08-Jun-2015 quotation for rates of tyre & tube for mahindra marshal and thar jeep Share
898618150526 26-May-2015 05-Jun-2015 supply of glf & ccr spares for day to day maintenance at lgbi airport, guwahati Share
898118150526 26-May-2015 04-Jun-2015 supply of automobile batteries Share
895418150526 26-May-2015 29-May-2015 servicing and rewinding all type pump motor etc. at silchar airport during 201516. Share
848918150526 26-May-2015 04-Jun-2015 construction of dhobighat and spl repairs to drainage and sewage pipe line at camp under ge n) Share
848518150526 26-May-2015 06-Jun-2015 repair/maintenance of distribution transformers, ht installations and allied works at naa under ge Share
841818150526 26-May-2015 10-Jun-2015 consultancy for central sewage treatment plant(stp) at ge (jorhat) and ge 869 ews (leimakhong) und Share
752618150526 26-May-2015 29-May-2015 polytrhene carrybeg for checking of ctrb size:1 1/2 x 1 1/2 360 gauge thickness in microne dia-6 c Share
752518150526 26-May-2015 27-May-2015 cover and seat for porcelain commode. drawing no. icf/dev/sk-6-3-160, item- 2 and 3 alt s-8 or lat Share
723418150526 26-May-2015 29-May-2015 crank case lubricating oil rr- 520 mg Share
723318150526 26-May-2015 19-Jun-2015 supply,installation and commissioning of in-motion electronic weigh bridge of cap:1 Share
705918150526 26-May-2015 04-Jun-2015 deep groove ball bearing d 550356 din 43283-6326-h-c5 va 309 bbi-7009 d55 0356 non- Share
689218150526 26-May-2015 19-Jun-2015 procurement of supply,installation and commissioning of in-motion electronic weigh bridge of cap:1 Share
653718150526 26-May-2015 02-Jun-2015 supply of insulation materials for metal mesh 50 mm thick ,covered bonded mineral fibre blanket m Share
651618150526 26-May-2015 28-May-2015 bread (fm), ice (mm) and condiments at supply depot Share
651118150526 26-May-2015 28-May-2015 light vehicles Share
649918150526 26-May-2015 28-May-2015 condiments abd bread Share
649718150526 26-May-2015 28-May-2015 potato, onion and garlic at supply Share
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