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2021416160723 23-Jul-2016 13-Aug-2016 rate contract for civil and electrical related works for csr activities of refinery.
2021316160723 23-Jul-2016 19-Aug-2016 supply and installation of dcu heater charge pump
2021216160723 23-Jul-2016 16-Aug-2016 procurement of lime at digboi refinery as per tender specification
2021116160723 23-Jul-2016 12-Aug-2016 complete shell assemblies as per given technical specification and drg.
2021016160723 23-Jul-2016 12-Aug-2016 supply of stud extracting tools
2020916160723 23-Jul-2016 11-Aug-2016 supply of dragon search lights
2020816160723 23-Jul-2016 01-Aug-2016 procurement of mechanical seal as per technical specification at digboi refinery
2020716160723 23-Jul-2016 28-Jul-2016 supply of intrinsically safe thickness gauging machine
2020616160723 23-Jul-2016 27-Jul-2016 supply of current transformer at digboi refinery as per specification
2020516160723 23-Jul-2016 27-Jul-2016 project management consultancy services for replacement of feed/ effluent exchanger in catalytic r
2020416160723 23-Jul-2016 27-Jul-2016 supply of oxygen analyser at digboi refinery as per specification
1923916160723 23-Jul-2016 16-Aug-2016 tc for artificer works at zone-8 naa under ge (north)
1923816160723 23-Jul-2016 16-Aug-2016 tc for artificer works at zone-7 naa under ge (north)
1923416160723 23-Jul-2016 16-Aug-2016 comprehensive maintenance to jcos/ors md accn in zone-8 and zone-9 under ge (north)
1923016160723 23-Jul-2016 16-Aug-2016 repair and maintenance of sedimentation tanks, gravity filters, pressure filters, ps tank oht, slu
1922916160723 23-Jul-2016 16-Aug-2016 repairs and maintenance of lt oh line, lt cable network and lt panels and certain connected works
1922716160723 23-Jul-2016 16-Aug-2016 repairs and preventive maintenance of lt electric supply installation system at naa under ge (nort
1865916160723 23-Jul-2016 01-Aug-2016 construction of boundary wall with chain link fencing at dehing colony and gm bungalow area.
1865816160723 23-Jul-2016 04-Aug-2016 construction of boundary wall at residential colonies, margherita (phase-i)
1865716160723 23-Jul-2016 25-Jul-2016 procurement of radiator assembly for vta 1710 p cummins diesel prime mover of mine dewatering pump
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