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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1054718150228 28-Feb-2015 02-Mar-2015 repairs to certain roads at lichubari under ge corrigendum
1046318150228 28-Feb-2015 23-Mar-2015 engagement of competent person accredited by chief inspector of factories, assam for testing and c tenders
1046218150228 28-Feb-2015 20-Mar-2015 requirement of manpower for carrying out refractory or insulation job in primary reformer and fg b tenders
1046118150228 28-Feb-2015 20-Mar-2015 hiring of experienced engineers and technicians for checking or replacement of bearings or seals o tenders
1046018150228 28-Feb-2015 11-Mar-2015 laying of power and control cable installation of push button station making and installation of e tenders
1035818150228 28-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 restoration of power supply i/c replacement of existing faulty cable at stores complex , and repla tenders
1035718150228 28-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 replacement of existing damaged go air break switch and dolo for existing 25kva sub-station at -ii tenders
1035618150228 28-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 servicing of 15 kva dea set at bts bagduba ( goalpara dist.) under ssa. tenders
1035518150228 28-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 repairing & overhauling of 1x 15 kva dea set at te tamarhat under ssa.- 2nd call. tenders
1035418150228 28-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 sitc of 295 nos. split ac units as replacement of old life expired window/ split ac units for vari tenders
1035318150228 28-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 sitc of electro-mechanical services for 40 nos. 2g bts sites under ssa (sh: providing foundation f tenders
1035218150228 28-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 sitc of electro-mechanical services for 40 nos. 2g bts sites under ssa (sh: providing foundation f tenders
1028018150228 28-Feb-2015 20-Mar-2015 hiring od shot hole drilling and associated job services for vsp (vertical siesmic profiling) oper tenders
990818150228 28-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 construction of road from length-2.5 km including cd works and routine maintenance for 5 years tenders
959818150228 28-Feb-2015 10-Mar-2015 construction of 222 nos. t-ii/ 180 , t-iii/27, t-iv/ 14 and t-v/1 no. family quarters. sh :- water tenders
959518150228 28-Feb-2015 07-Mar-2015 construction of building for regional and divisional office sh: providing one no. water treatment tenders
956118150228 28-Feb-2015 10-Mar-2015 construction of vertical extension of 2 floors 5th and 6th floor ic bulk services tenders
922918150228 28-Feb-2015 09-Mar-2015 construction of shop sh:-pvdg. iei and fans including lightning conductor corrigendum
917318150228 28-Feb-2015 05-Mar-2015 provision of floor & wall tiles tenders
917218150228 28-Feb-2015 17-Mar-2015 construction of adm block tenders
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