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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
649117141021 21-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 flow path spares for hgpi of gt 1 tenders
649017141021 21-Oct-2014 04-Nov-2014 vd4 breaker spares tenders
647717141021 21-Oct-2014 03-Nov-2014 repair and painting of tps building project building and other building of units tenders
647117141021 21-Oct-2014 29-Oct-2014 supply and installation of split type and window air conditioners ac tenders
645817141021 21-Oct-2014 28-Oct-2014 supply of liquid nitrogen tenders
645417141021 21-Oct-2014 04-Nov-2014 orifice plate tenders
645317141021 21-Oct-2014 04-Nov-2014 supply of desk cum bench godrej furniture tenders
644917141021 21-Oct-2014 28-Oct-2014 maintenance of fire extinguisher tenders
644817141021 21-Oct-2014 30-Oct-2014 poly aluminium chloride tenders
644717141021 21-Oct-2014 30-Oct-2014 silicone fluid tenders
629618141021 21-Oct-2014 29-Oct-2014 tenders for hiring of office premises for central excise & service tax tenders
627418141021 21-Oct-2014 08-Nov-2014 procurement polyethylene powder for lldpe hdpe swing unit corrigendum
627318141021 21-Oct-2014 06-Nov-2014 procurement of liquid chlorine with tonner tenders
627218141021 21-Oct-2014 04-Nov-2014 procurement of flushing silica cas 112926-00-8 corrigendum
612218141021 21-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 expression of interest and financial proposal for empanelment and engagement of consultants for pr tenders
576718141021 21-Oct-2014 27-Oct-2014 repairing of existing fencing on boundary wall of gspl guwahati administrative building tenders
576418141021 21-Oct-2014 04-Nov-2014 supply installation of 02 nos 2 0 ton split ac tenders
576318141021 21-Oct-2014 11-Nov-2014 upkeeping maintenance of refinery i and ii tenders
576218141021 21-Oct-2014 11-Nov-2014 supply of non sparking chain for atf sampling tenders
548918141021 21-Oct-2014 07-Nov-2014 improvement and carpeting of approach road from main road to pd#04 at panidihing in rds area (l=1. tenders
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