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1778216170422 22-Apr-2017 09-May-2017 e-tenderfor printing and supply of pre-printed cmts bill form
1776016170422 22-Apr-2017 08-May-2017 construction and maintenance of ramp/ jetty for ro-ro operation at in national waterway no.2 (rive
1558316170422 22-Apr-2017 09-May-2017 execution of major overhauling job of lp barrel of process air compressor of ammonia iii plant on
1558216170422 22-Apr-2017 01-May-2017 checking and testing of earth pit resistance in u & b-iii, b-ii and wtp-i & ii & jackwell group of
1558116170422 22-Apr-2017 27-Apr-2017 rewinding of ceiling fans in bvfcl township
1558016170422 22-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017 repairing/rectification of damaged sagging distribution bed of fan no. 04 and cooling water return
1557916170422 22-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017 supply of pp bags for packaging 50 kg urea
1557816170422 22-Apr-2017 26-Apr-2017 machineries for bio-fertilizer production
1557716170422 22-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017 supply of spares for co2 charge compressor (10ca-1a/1b)
1557616170422 22-Apr-2017 03-May-2017 supply of ms plate
1557516170422 22-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017 supply of spare for instrument air compressor 75.50 ca-1 a, b & r & ca-2 of cpp & 1.82 inert gas s
1557416170422 22-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017 supply of spares for ngbc drive turbine
1557316170422 22-Apr-2017 24-Apr-2017 supply of electronic type differential pressure transmitters and pressure transmitters
1557216170422 22-Apr-2017 05-May-2017 supply of aluminium rectangular box type panel heater
1557116170422 22-Apr-2017 28-Apr-2017 supply of discharge valves for 4th stage cylinder of co2 compressor of urea-ii plant.
1557016170422 22-Apr-2017 10-May-2017 supply of rollers for conveyors belts
1556916170422 22-Apr-2017 03-May-2017 supply of secondary air filter for pac
1556816170422 22-Apr-2017 03-May-2017 supply of hydrated lime powder
1556716170422 22-Apr-2017 03-May-2017 supply of 3000 nos. tube lights.
1556616170422 22-Apr-2017 28-Apr-2017 supply of caustic soda flakes, rayon grade, as per is :252/1973
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