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1454018180526 26-May-2018 16-Jun-2018 INR 1081666 providing double gate, control room , guard room and water supply arrangement in main magazine at
1453918180526 26-May-2018 07-Jun-2018 INR 254481 repairing/making of pantoon /floating platform (10 nos.) for pump motor at ocm sub area of area.
1453818180526 26-May-2018 14-Jun-2018 INR 2939725 annual operation, running and maintenance work at detp (2 mld capacity) of area.
1450118180526 26-May-2018 16-Jun-2018 Refer Document. for planning, design, engineering, construction and commissioning of main workshop at area includi
1450018180526 26-May-2018 16-Jun-2018 INR 103710 spares for ekg 4.6 shovel
1449918180526 26-May-2018 23-Jun-2018 INR 1044752 supply of spares for o and k rh 90 ce
1449818180526 26-May-2018 23-Jun-2018 INR 1164660 procurement of r.c.c. hume pipe
1449718180526 26-May-2018 14-Jun-2018 INR 1329427 supply of fastener strips, rivets and hinge pine of different sizes
1449618180526 26-May-2018 23-Jun-2018 INR 1407430 supply of cables and wires
1449518180526 26-May-2018 23-Jun-2018 INR 1452470 supply of brake unit for o and k rh 90 ce
1449418180526 26-May-2018 31-May-2018 INR 1623606 spares for btl make 1000mm belt conveyor 75kw.
1449318180526 26-May-2018 14-Jun-2018 INR 191050 procurement of carbon brush for hemms.
1449218180526 26-May-2018 30-May-2018 INR 2048050 supply of spares of m and p pump 10/12 eme 810
1449118180526 26-May-2018 30-May-2018 INR 2054187 supply of spares of m and p pump 200/250 ipbiiii chr pump
1449018180526 26-May-2018 25-Jun-2018 INR 2226564 hiring of 01 no. ac ambulance with basic life support system on daily rental basis for cews gevra
1448918180526 26-May-2018 07-Jun-2018 INR 2655693 assistance required in maintenance, operation and cleaning of feeder breaker no. 1 and associated
1448818180526 26-May-2018 30-May-2018 INR 2795450 supply of spares of m and p pump 250/300 gst pumps
1448718180526 26-May-2018 02-Jun-2018 INR 366790 shifting of existing pump from departmental patch and contractual patch and installation of the pu
1448618180526 26-May-2018 23-Jun-2018 INR 3918160 supply of spares for bec feeder breakers
1448518180526 26-May-2018 23-Jun-2018 INR 4095600 supply of spares for l and t feeder breakers
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