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592416141030 30-Oct-2014 12-Nov-2014 procurement of spare parts set for wdg4 loco, set consisting of 08 items, as per annexure a enclos tenders
592216141030 30-Oct-2014 11-Nov-2014 procurement of gasket hand hole cover to emd part no. 8291349 , dlw part no.16170118 qty: 1600.00 tenders
592116141030 30-Oct-2014 11-Nov-2014 procurement of seal assembly oil to emd part no. 9089606, dlw part no.16240868 qty: 14.00 tenders
588916141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 spare part set for mechanical speedometer, set consisting of 12 items as per ann tenders
588516141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 gasket chamber- crank case to emd part no. 40055466 and dlw part no. 16170489. tenders
588016141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 motor air discharge emd part no.2804094, dlw pt no.17050054. tenders
581916141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 spares for air cooled screw type air compressor, modle- kes 55 s 8, -scr0000261, make: kirlo tenders
581316141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 flat bended cotter for wag7 locos,size 10 x 22 x 125 mm as per ref 10 of rdso. drg. no. skvl703,al tenders
581116141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 cooler and guard assembly. for air compressor model rr20100cg m as per elgi part no. -070408060. m tenders
580916141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 oil pump as per clw/drg/spec. no.clw/es/0-1/l and flowell model no. 1143l and ds2401-clw or equiva tenders
580816141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 molycote 55 grease or equivalent for all types of pneumatic valves. tenders
580716141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 outer bracket of cbc, as per drg. no. skdl3491 for cbc coupling of wam4,wag5 and wag7 locomotives. tenders
580616141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 bl board assembly type driver control switch box as per drg. no. icf/sk-7-2-270 for memu motor coa tenders
580516141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 window glass with asseddories as per drg. no. trs/bia/m1/05-14. tenders
580416141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 pneuphonic horn type b7, as per clw 0/2/65/109 alt-3 or latest. tenders
580216141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 positive catch with gasket as per trs/bia/d and d/m1/03-14,rev-0 for wag-9 loco. tenders
570716141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 light weight portable control telephone as per rdso specification no.irs:tc:78/2 tenders
569916141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 mobile led o.t light [ technical specification as per annexure a ] tenders
569416141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 boron free corrosion inhibitor water coolant for use in alco diesel locomotives. tenders
569316141030 30-Oct-2014 31-Oct-2014 portable digital ultrasonic flaw detector with a-scan storage model einstein-ii[ tenders
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