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1649018160430 30-Apr-2016 13-May-2016 valve operation work
1648918160430 30-Apr-2016 18-May-2016 construction of platforms for circuit breaker
1648818160430 30-Apr-2016 13-May-2016 settling tank construction work
1648718160430 30-Apr-2016 13-May-2016 nurserys annual maintenance work
1648618160430 30-Apr-2016 13-May-2016 the annual work plan for the retiring helper
1648518160430 30-Apr-2016 13-May-2016 constuction of toe wall
1613518160430 30-Apr-2016 18-May-2016 engaging 04 nos. computer operators for the (o dn. dhamtari
1613418160430 30-Apr-2016 12-May-2016 procurement of porcelain rewireable type electric fuse unit of rating 300amp.
1613318160430 30-Apr-2016 24-May-2016 patrolling and maintenance of 350nb ash pipe line of ph-i & ii from ash pump to ash dyke danganiya
1613218160430 30-Apr-2016 10-May-2016 work contract for yearly maintenance work of air heater & esp mechanical circuit unit no. 1 to 4,
1613118160430 30-Apr-2016 13-May-2016 repairing of damaged carrying rollers (h-1) for 1200 mm conveyor belt of chp: ext., htps,
1613018160430 30-Apr-2016 20-May-2016 revisioning/replacement of high pressure valves of turbine side for unit no 1,2, 3 & 4
1612918160430 30-Apr-2016 19-May-2016 maintaining normal coal flow during rainy season through ldcc system by deploying of labours in ch
1612818160430 30-Apr-2016 13-May-2016 rubber lagging on pulleys with 12 mm thick rubber at chp: ext., htps,
1612718160430 30-Apr-2016 19-May-2016 condenser tube cleaning using specially designed bullets powered by water pressure in unit no. 1 t
1605318160430 30-Apr-2016 15-Jun-2016 electrical portion of work- division : drinking water taps
1605218160430 30-Apr-2016 09-Jun-2016 repair and maintenance work of track under the jurisdiction of sse/p.way/tilda of division
1605118160430 30-Apr-2016 31-May-2016 hiring of 01 non-ac diesel driven
1605018160430 30-Apr-2016 09-Jun-2016 provision of low cost pf shelter in section of division
1604918160430 30-Apr-2016 18-May-2016 supply and fitting of various types of electrical & pneumatic works during poh/ioh of track machin
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