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957018151006 06-Oct-2015 28-Nov-2015 spot billing work under o dn. champa on turn key basis. Share
956918151006 06-Oct-2015 04-Nov-2015 replacement of slew bearing along with slew gear & pinion of stacker cum reclaimer (trf make) with Share
956818151006 06-Oct-2015 04-Nov-2015 seamless rubber handgloves for electrical purpose. Share
956718151006 06-Oct-2015 27-Oct-2015 enquiry for hiring of light vehicle (diesel -jeep/sumo/bolero/tavera/qualies) for ae-ii eht (const Share
956618151006 06-Oct-2015 27-Oct-2015 fabrication of 132/220 kv line tower & s/s structure at workshop dn. 150 mt approx Share
956518151006 06-Oct-2015 16-Oct-2015 engagement of 01 no. skilled and 03 nos. unskilled for dantewada sub-dn. & 01 no. skilled and 02 n Share
956418151006 06-Oct-2015 15-Oct-2015 providing officer and office chair,almirah,steel rack,and air cooler under city division west . Share
956318151006 06-Oct-2015 14-Oct-2015 33/0.4 kv,220kva station transformers Share
941318151006 06-Oct-2015 07-Nov-2015 supply of steel cogs Share
941218151006 06-Oct-2015 28-Oct-2015 hiring of tippers for transportation of coal to surakachhar wharf wall railway siding from i stock Share
941118151006 06-Oct-2015 14-Oct-2015 supply of ece make ocb 11kv Share
941018151006 06-Oct-2015 26-Oct-2015 drilling of udm and grouting amd tightening only by manually of length 1.50m dia 20 to 22mm for su Share
940918151006 06-Oct-2015 12-Oct-2015 supply of filters for komatsu hd-785-7 100 te. dumper Share
940818151006 06-Oct-2015 27-Oct-2015 supply of fabricated mobile pit shelter Share
940718151006 06-Oct-2015 26-Oct-2015 cleaning of tailends of belt conveyor in u g galleries at malga colliery. Share
940618151006 06-Oct-2015 26-Oct-2015 dismantling,transportation and installation of endless haulage and transportation and lying of hau Share
940518151006 06-Oct-2015 14-Oct-2015 supply of abc make acb and dol starter Share
940418151006 06-Oct-2015 26-Oct-2015 preparation of sand cartridge at surface to be used at stemming materials for blasting work at mal Share
940318151006 06-Oct-2015 26-Oct-2015 support of roof by manual drilling of holes,jamming and tightening the roof bolts with bearing pla Share
940218151006 06-Oct-2015 04-Nov-2015 supply of water bottle Share
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