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1636818170225 25-Feb-2017 03-Mar-2017 repairs to kendriya vidyalaya building at durg. sh : internal finishing.
1625218170225 25-Feb-2017 06-Mar-2017 execution of 25kv ohe works for the proposed block station yard in connection with construction of
1620518170225 25-Feb-2017 15-Mar-2017 operation and maintenance of central air conditioning system in building no. 3a,16a,16b, 20 and 5a
1615518170225 25-Feb-2017 02-Mar-2017 tcil required partner for supply, commissioning and maintenance of hardware and services for schoo
1582418170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 road transport contract
1582318170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 repairs to labour rest shed and plinth protection
1582218170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 repairs to floor, platform and ancillaries
1562918170225 25-Feb-2017 08-Mar-2017 supply, installation and commissioning of 01 no. trailer mounted electric concrete pump with all a
1545718170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 auction of propery
1543818170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 auction of propery
1543718170225 25-Feb-2017 04-Mar-2017 auction of propery
1112018170225 25-Feb-2017 20-Mar-2017 electrical maintenance and maintenance of fire fighting facilities works at korba terminal
1058818170225 25-Feb-2017 27-Mar-2017 supply of spares for hd-785-7 komatsu 100t dumper
1058718170225 25-Feb-2017 27-Mar-2017 supply of digital hyd. tester for hemms
1058618170225 25-Feb-2017 27-Mar-2017 supply of manganese welding electrodes
1058518170225 25-Feb-2017 21-Mar-2017 supply of spares for cat 24m motor grader
1058418170225 25-Feb-2017 21-Mar-2017 flexible trailing cable
1058318170225 25-Feb-2017 20-Mar-2017 shs steel props size 2.5 mtrs and 2.8 mtrs.
1058218170225 25-Feb-2017 18-Mar-2017 procurement, installation and commissioning of micro processor based distance fault locator with i
1058118170225 25-Feb-2017 17-Mar-2017 supply of 01 no. diesel bowser , capacity 20 kl
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