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1290818141124 24-Nov-2014 12-Dec-2014 tender enquiry for the purchase of refrigeration system tenders
1286118141124 24-Nov-2014 05-Dec-2014 empanelment of firms/organizations/ngos/partnership firms/individual etc for marketing and organiz corrigendum
1286018141124 24-Nov-2014 30-Nov-2014 purchase of stationary items for the year 2014-2015 in municipal corporation gur tenders
1260718141124 24-Nov-2014 01-Dec-2014 hiring of vehicle tenders
1257618141124 24-Nov-2014 12-Dec-2014 conductor package-cd01 for 400kv d/c (triple snowbird) line (part) conductor package-cd02 for 400k tenders
1242118141124 24-Nov-2014 10-Dec-2014 special repair of shopping centre sector 37 providing and laying of 80 mm thick paver block and ms tenders
1242018141124 24-Nov-2014 10-Dec-2014 special repair of parking and roads with rmc specification and pavement to be laid with slip from corrigendum
1241918141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 special repair of main cables at badminton hall and various points of street light in sports compl tenders
1241818141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 shifting 63 kva transformer in front of 41p, sector-21 urban estate u/e ambala. (including o tenders
1241718141124 24-Nov-2014 08-Dec-2014 restoration of streets in goshala colony dismenteled by public health department tenders
1241618141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 replacement of underground cable , mccb, hdpe pipe and 150/250 watt hpsv lamp, choke and igniter i tenders
1241518141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 replacement of hpsv fitting for street light in sec-5 u/e . (including one year defect liability p tenders
1241418141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 replacement of cable,t.p.n. copper wire,lamp,chowk and ignitor in various parks of sector 4,5,6,7, tenders
1241318141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 replacement of burnt u/g cable, hdpe pipe , painting of pole, main switch , timer , pedestal etc. tenders
1241218141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 replacement of automatic timer, main switch, u/g cable and other allied works in various sectors a tenders
1241118141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 replacement / providing 50 sqmm x 4 core cable for bellavista service road in sec-5 u/e . (includi tenders
1241018141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 repair of 100 kva (aluminium) wound distribution transformer at tubewell no. 1 at water works in s tenders
1240918141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 providing pvc pipe and pvc cable for electric connection of swimming pool at gymkhana club sec-21 tenders
1240818141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 providing new lt line near h. no. 990 to 1023 and 1050 in sec-17 u/e . (including one year defect tenders
1240718141124 24-Nov-2014 29-Nov-2014 providing mini high mast lights in balance parks in sec- 8(p-ii) and 16, karnal. (including one ye tenders
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