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454816141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 wire rope sling tenders
454716141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 welding accessories tenders
451716141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 segment plate outer tenders
451516141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 supply and installation of router of cisco tenders
449916141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 printing work tenders
446316141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 hts bolt m24x65mm as per is 1364 gr 8.8 tenders
445816141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 for the items- stud fully threaded with 2 hex. nuts, a-193/b7/a 194 gr. 2hsize m 16 dia. x 100 l w tenders
445416141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 xhd-abratec n 6715 size 3.2 mm l&t/ador fontech/mg system makes only tenders
444716141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 coupling bearing housing assly. tenders
443916141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 centre drill tenders
443816141022 22-Oct-2014 10-Nov-2014 cement tenders
298016141022 22-Oct-2014 28-Oct-2014 supply of red books tenders
281617141022 22-Oct-2014 01-Nov-2014 special repair of married accommodation tenders
279316141022 22-Oct-2014 22-Oct-2014 provn of rain water drainage system hard wear flooring and certain other works at chandimandir tenders
279216141022 22-Oct-2014 22-Oct-2014 special repair to certain buildings and wksp under age br i at chandimandir tenders
279016141022 22-Oct-2014 01-Nov-2014 work services against lbw/minor works/major revenue works at af stn sirsa tenders
276916141022 22-Oct-2014 01-Nov-2014 special repairs to overhead tanks with allied b/r works at vsv under age b r of ge (i) af corrigendum
275417141022 22-Oct-2014 31-Dec-2014 auction sale of condemned vehicle, motor parts, tyre, tubs, used oil, empty drum, aluminum and iro auction
275416141022 22-Oct-2014 11-Nov-2014 special repair replacement of internal wiring and replacement of ber geysers of ge(u) chandimandir tenders
274516141022 22-Oct-2014 07-Nov-2014 repairs to joinery flooring plumbing roof over head tanks and connected works in civil md accn und corrigendum
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