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1280716160502 02-May-2016 13-May-2016 three phase 4-wire lt ct operated static meters (dlms complaint) of class 0.5s accuracy & rating -
1278316160502 02-May-2016 05-May-2016 selection of specialty consultant for specialty for providing consultancy services for signage and
1262216160502 02-May-2016 06-May-2016 handling contract-rewari ird,supervisor/bds/misc jobs etc,services for office filing job,housekeep
1261916160502 02-May-2016 06-May-2016 s/f of flex -gurgaon ro this tender is floated for supply and fixing of flex at various outlets
1252216160502 02-May-2016 12-Jul-2016 provn of central auditorium cum cinema hall
1224216160502 02-May-2016 24-May-2016 repair_resurfacing to road in adm regt, ad static wksp, gap school, nalanda library, shopping comp
1175516160502 02-May-2016 12-May-2016 regarding maintenance & handling of accounts work of mcg.
1169816160502 02-May-2016 10-Jun-2016 infrastructure development work w.r.t. installation of generating sets, transformer
1166616160502 02-May-2016 26-May-2016 engaging the services of agency for supply, erection & commissioning of lan system at hpgcl sites
1135816160502 02-May-2016 18-May-2016 amc of air desert cooler
1134116160502 02-May-2016 11-May-2016 e-tender notice for purchase of raw / packing material.
1110716160502 02-May-2016 13-May-2016 augmentation of 33kv s/stn. () augmentation of 33kv s/stn.
1086916160502 02-May-2016 17-May-2016 reconditioning of worn out cms xings tongue rail in the s/o aden/kun
1086816160502 02-May-2016 10-May-2016 manning of unmanned level crossing no.c-45, c-50 & c-53 on nrw-kkde section in the section of aden
1086716160502 02-May-2016 10-May-2016 replacement of 22 unit qrs of deteriorated jack arch/rcc roof slabs with rcc roof slabs
1086616160502 02-May-2016 10-May-2016 thermit welding of rail joints of 52kg/60kg new/sh single rail/10/20/rail panels/ any length with
1086516160502 02-May-2016 10-May-2016 supply & installation of automated water level gauge at in the section of
1086416160502 02-May-2016 10-May-2016 improvement of water supply at kurukshetra & kaithal stations by providing tube well boring, stora
1086316160502 02-May-2016 09-Jun-2016 (1) replacement of steel channel sleeper 404 nos. bridge no. 1, 93 & 99 on sirhind amb andoure sec
1075016160502 02-May-2016 19-May-2016 providing of security men care taker to cantonment fund buildings
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