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897316171213 13-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 construction of bah to gahar phq road km. 0/0 to 8/720 (l-036) under regular pmgsy batch-i, 2017-1
897216171213 13-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 construction of durgapur (halog sadoh jamangalu) baira road km. 0/0 to 11/500 (6-042) under regula
897116171213 13-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 construction of baggi khudi kahan chanouli road km.0/0 to 3/00 (l-041) under regular pmgsy batch-i
897016171213 13-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 construction of link road upper bhambla to kared dhadwan km. 0/0 to 4/400 (l-063 under regular pmg
896916171213 13-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 construction of smaila tikkari nargi naun road km. 0/0 to 3/0 (l-098) under regular pmgsy batch-i,
896816171213 13-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 construction of link road from baturada to dhanalag road km, 0/0 to 8/00 (l-065) under regular pmg
896716171213 13-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 construction of khudla soras samlaun, kalthar road km 0/0) to 5/00 (6-080) under regular pmgsy bat
896616171213 13-Dec-2017 16-Dec-2017 for requirement of residental building
896016171213 13-Dec-2017 09-Jan-2018 construction of tahari to thana chowki via sinkdra charighat kashmaila kakruhi road km. 0/0 to 9/3
891316171213 13-Dec-2017 18-Dec-2017 providing, supply and fixing various size of prefabricated porta cabin for toilet block
44817171213 13-Dec-2017 03-Jan-2018 renovation of transit accommodation at camp krishna nagar civil electrical paints septic tank etc
42617171213 13-Dec-2017 03-Jan-2018 construction of fire station and development of e and m store are near administrative block for pa
41917171213 13-Dec-2017 26-Dec-2017 construction of mat portal extension and gate structure for parbati iii power station
41717171213 13-Dec-2017 31-Dec-2017 special repairs to road in 27/5 camp
32717171213 13-Dec-2017 15-Jan-2018 construction of gharatgad kadihal chanon road km 0/0 to 2/600 pmgsy stage -i
25117171213 13-Dec-2017 26-Dec-2017 supply of items to set up a library including furniture, books and matting etc
24917171213 13-Dec-2017 26-Dec-2017 supply of items to set up a gym along with sports items and flooring etc
24117171213 13-Dec-2017 26-Dec-2017 supply of items to set up a modern computer lab along with matting etc
23617171213 13-Dec-2017 26-Dec-2017 supply of items to set up a smart class room
1302816171212 12-Dec-2017 19-Jan-2018 cleaning of all coaches and lavatories of memu rake night stable at bilaspur and raigarh station f
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