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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
2400218160212 12-Feb-2016 03-Mar-2016 special repair to bldg no t84 t85 t215 of 136 i inf bde bldg no t55 t 57 and retaining wall near b
2400118160212 12-Feb-2016 26-Feb-2016 repair / maintenance of heating , cooling , hot water appliances and improvement to e/m installati
2400018160212 12-Feb-2016 26-Feb-2016 repair to hard standing, area drainage and certain minor/revenue work under age b/r-i, ge khumbath
2399918160212 12-Feb-2016 26-Feb-2016 special repair internal top road approx 1.5km at achinathang under age b/r-ii, ge khumbathang
2399818160212 12-Feb-2016 25-Feb-2016 provn of lt panelling and ug cable at sig exchange of sile grn under age(i) cif(u)
2399718160212 12-Feb-2016 24-Feb-2016 special repair/replacement of oh line between rakhmuthi jaurian and shifting of transformer at jau
2399618160212 12-Feb-2016 19-Feb-2016 repair and maint of lt panel board, feeder piller boxes, replacement of street light with led fitt
2307118160212 12-Feb-2016 11-Mar-2016 purchase of prestressed cement concrete poles
2307018160212 12-Feb-2016 08-Mar-2016 providing and laying rbm filling, 100 mm thick wbm grade -ii and 75 mm thick wbm grade -iii on roa
2306918160212 12-Feb-2016 03-Mar-2016 parking lot no. 1 near main gate bagh e bahu lot no. 2 near mosque bahu fort jammu
2306818160212 12-Feb-2016 03-Mar-2016 supply of licensing material/machinery and equipment
2306718160212 12-Feb-2016 02-Mar-2016 supply of 40 hp tractors and trollies
2306618160212 12-Feb-2016 01-Mar-2016 providing and fixing of angle iron gratings of different size on nallah (right side) on talab till
2306518160212 12-Feb-2016 29-Feb-2016 redevelopment of existing pond at village upper gurha mahteian under sustanibility
2306418160212 12-Feb-2016 27-Feb-2016 construction of gate with pillar and c.wall of play ground of higher sec. school
2306318160212 12-Feb-2016 26-Feb-2016 supply installation and commissioning of 2 ton three star split air conditioner with 6 kva voltage
2306218160212 12-Feb-2016 26-Feb-2016 supplying , installation , testing and commissioning of silent 62.50 kva capacity generator set (
2306118160212 12-Feb-2016 26-Feb-2016 construction of t-xing on supply channel of lift irrigation scheme gidder gallian near rd 275 mtr.
2306018160212 12-Feb-2016 25-Feb-2016 repair and renovation of bath room in the ayurvedic dispensary
2305918160212 12-Feb-2016 25-Feb-2016 repair and renovation of auction platform
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