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752052151008 08-Oct-2015 10-Oct-2015 several civil works: protection work around escape channel, construction of protection wal Share
751418151008 08-Oct-2015 23-Nov-2015 provn of mt shed with hard standing at fd work shop and spl repair to bldg no np 85 at fd hosp at Share
751318151008 08-Oct-2015 23-Nov-2015 provn of security wall along main high way near transit camp and hq leh sub area under ge 865 ews Share
751218151008 08-Oct-2015 23-Nov-2015 provn of one genr set kva alongwith accessories at 221 transit camp under ge Share
750918151008 08-Oct-2015 23-Nov-2015 special repair to mes installation, security lights and service cables at nimu under ge 865 ews Share
741052151008 08-Oct-2015 10-Oct-2015 comprehensive annuol maintenance of hardware and software equipments installed Share
735118151008 08-Oct-2015 28-Oct-2015 provision of otm accn to include jcos single living accn ncos or barrack alongwith dining hall and Share
735018151008 08-Oct-2015 27-Oct-2015 provn of captive power backup for simulator at lsrc under ge (p) no-01. Share
734918151008 08-Oct-2015 27-Oct-2015 provn of otm accn for eme bn Share
734818151008 08-Oct-2015 26-Oct-2015 supply of stores for external electric supply Share
734718151008 08-Oct-2015 24-Oct-2015 repair/ maintenance of central heating plant installed at 153 gh/otm accn under age e/m of ge 865 Share
734618151008 08-Oct-2015 24-Oct-2015 repair/ maintenance of central heating plant installed at 246tc, rinchen auditorium and mtf under Share
734518151008 08-Oct-2015 24-Oct-2015 repair/replacement of tpn boxes and mcb dbs for otm and md accn of officer, jcos /ors and svl fitt Share
734418151008 08-Oct-2015 23-Oct-2015 comprehensive maintenance to md and otm accn in area under age b/r-ii and certain sanctioned works Share
734318151008 08-Oct-2015 23-Oct-2015 provn of certain sanctioned (e/m and b/r) works Share
734218151008 08-Oct-2015 21-Oct-2015 cleaning, repair and special repair to sewage system/line in area under age b/r-1 Share
734118151008 08-Oct-2015 21-Oct-2015 provn of certain sanctioned works age b/r-1 of ge 865 ews at leh. Share
734018151008 08-Oct-2015 21-Oct-2015 augmentation and replacement of old worn out rising mains at tanda Share
733918151008 08-Oct-2015 20-Oct-2015 provn of otm accn to include cook house dining hall for or unit kote guard room detention room and Share
733818151008 08-Oct-2015 20-Oct-2015 construction of otm and office accn for asc coy type b at narian Share
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