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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1352918150227 27-Feb-2015 02-Mar-2015 for premises under two bid system for branch tenders
1352818150227 27-Feb-2015 02-Mar-2015 for premises under two bid system for branch tenders
1232118150227 27-Feb-2015 03-Mar-2015 special repair of furniture against condemned furniture and provn of deficient furniture to mes bu corrigendum
1232018150227 27-Feb-2015 07-Mar-2015 provn of various sanctioned electrical works at jourian and rakhmuthi under ge south akhnoor corrigendum
1231918150227 27-Feb-2015 03-Mar-2015 provn of defi furniture for otm accn at rakhmuthi,almirah large for and special repair to furnitur corrigendum
1231818150227 27-Feb-2015 14-Mar-2015 augmentation of water supply at tenders
1231718150227 27-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 special repair to the earthing pit at 256 su and certain revenue works at af station jammu tenders
1231618150227 27-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 replacement internal electrification and including connected e/m work at mil station samba tenders
1231518150227 27-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 special repair to security fencing at goonah lines mil station samba tenders
1231418150227 27-Feb-2015 16-Mar-2015 supply of building materials of b/r and b/s items under tenders
1231318150227 27-Feb-2015 12-Mar-2015 repair/maintenance of unserviceable pipe line and other allied works at af station jammu tenders
1157918150227 27-Feb-2015 19-Mar-2015 spl repair to bldg no np7 offrs md accn of 526 asc bn under tenders
1157818150227 27-Feb-2015 16-Mar-2015 provn of atc building and allied services at af station corrigendum
1157718150227 27-Feb-2015 14-Mar-2015 provn of 7 x security lights along the fencing of pers lines new for near main gate area of new ps tenders
1157618150227 27-Feb-2015 13-Mar-2015 specail repair to hanger at af station jammu tenders
1157518150227 27-Feb-2015 11-Mar-2015 comprehensive day to day b/r maintaince services at sanjuwan, damana, miran sahib under jurisdicti corrigendum
1157418150227 27-Feb-2015 19-Mar-2015 demolition of existing buildings cmo office, admo office, fisheries office, labour deptt., record tenders
1157318150227 27-Feb-2015 18-Mar-2015 for animal diet tenders
1157218150227 27-Feb-2015 18-Mar-2015 for hospital diet tenders
1157118150227 27-Feb-2015 18-Mar-2015 for hospital sanitation tenders
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