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Ref No Posting Date Deadline Short Description
1217116170429 29-Apr-2017 11-May-2017 procurement of erc mk iii
1164516170429 29-Apr-2017 11-May-2017 procurement of grooved rubber sole plate grsp
1133416170429 29-Apr-2017 19-May-2017 supply of aggregates for surfacing works at km 58 on road
1133316170429 29-Apr-2017 11-May-2017 supply of special ration items (non veg noodles)
1133216170429 29-Apr-2017 18-May-2017 retreading of various size tyres for shq ldk and under command units
1133116170429 29-Apr-2017 11-May-2017 supply of special ration items (ready to eat dal fry)
1133016170429 29-Apr-2017 19-May-2017 supply and stacking of materials for csb dbm and bc wks bet km 16.625 to 26.525 on dawar niru baru
1132916170429 29-Apr-2017 15-May-2017 construction operation and maintenance of 2 lane bi directional zojila tunnel with parallel escape
1132816170429 29-Apr-2017 03-May-2017 supply of branded wheat atta whole meal per defence specification at fsd akhnoor for the pd from 1
1132716170429 29-Apr-2017 29-May-2017 underground store for storage of potato with cipc technology
1104916170429 29-Apr-2017 19-May-2017 contract for hiring of jcb (qty-01) with fuel and operator
1077816170429 29-Apr-2017 12-May-2017 supplying and installation of 12 kva dg set (against condemnation) for bop (sh: supplying of dg se
1077716170429 29-Apr-2017 11-May-2017 renovation of toilet block
1077616170429 29-Apr-2017 11-May-2017 providing and fixing 03 nos ms gates india side in bs fencing
1074916170429 29-Apr-2017 27-May-2017 replacement/ repairing of doors and windows and other repair works at kvs, gingle
1074516170429 29-Apr-2017 19-May-2017 thermal lagging of fire fighting pipelines to generator transformer at power house
1074416170429 29-Apr-2017 13-May-2017 purchase of tata motors pick up model xenon crew cab bs-4 for power station
839116170429 29-Apr-2017 18-May-2017 supply of filters & batteries
502052170429 29-Apr-2017 29-May-2017 purchase of 12 kl ms & 24 kl hsd
419052170429 29-Apr-2017 20-May-2017 supply & installation of 40 kva single phase inverter
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